• Explore Cameron tour packages to make for a special holiday this year in Malaysia. Known for its salubrious climate and located amidst the country’s Titiwangsa Range, Cameron Highlands was once the summer retreat for British families during their rule in then Malaya. Today, the region has evolved as a bustling tourist destination that lies high above the sweltering plains of Peninsular Malaysia. There are plenty of major attractions in Cameron with lots to do and see. Compare Cameron travel quotes with leading tour operators if planning a Cameron vacation this season.

    The fertile green area is roughly the size of Singapore and makes for a different kind of stop in Malaysia. The reliably cooler weather at the higher elevations is refreshing after Southeast Asia’s oppressive heat. There are tea plantations, butterfly gardens, strawberry orchards, excellent trekking and other natural attractions in Cameron Highlands. If you are looking for some peaceful and fresh greenery, head towards Cameron Highlands. Look for Cameron cheapest family tour for a great time. The Cameron Highlands are placed in Peninsular Malaysia, roughly midway between Kuala Lumpur and Penang.

    Tanah Rata
    This is a tiny town to explore during Cameron holiday and offers the complete amenities a traveler needs. There are plenty of Tourist restaurants and Small cafes that offer a fairly diverse menu throughout town. One can buy fresh seasonal fruit from sellers on the street and even enjoy Starbucks. You’ll need to hire a vehicle to explore the many unique attractions and greenhouses located just outside Tanah Rata.
    Brinchang is about 2.5 miles away from Tanah Rata, and is better developed. It has high-rise hotels and most families from modern cities prefer to stay in Brinchang.

    Butterfly Centers, Flower Nurseries and honeybee farms
    It is a rare sight these days to see a butterfly and one can see fusions of colors fluttering in the air at the Butterfly Centers. There are so many species of different butterflies in the parks.. Visit the Flower Nurseries and here too you will find them in abundance. Cameron Highlands is the leading producer of fresh flowers in Malaysia. As they say, where there are flowers, there are bees. Plan a visit to those apiaries in Brinchang, Brinchang andKea Farm in Cameron Highlands.

    Trekking in Cameron Highlands
    Once you have explored the many green tea plantations in the region, you can go for trekking on the several trails that criss -cross all the way through the area. Some will skirt across tea plantations while others will pass near the town. There are independent guides in Tanah Rata who can approach you to plan a trek.

    The weather here in the Cameron Highlands is much cooler than the rest of Malaysia. The region stays cooler for several reasons as it rains a lot and the daytime temperatures are low. Keep wet-weather gear handy for those unexpected showers. Look for the best package Cameron that takes care of your accommodation, tours and food. Cameron is just the right destination for those looking for a peaceful holiday with nature.