• What’s, so attractive about Amsterdam? It’s the uniqueness and the authenticity of the city, having a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, has added it to the UNESCO World Heritage. Being one of the utmost popular destinations, it offers uncomplicated adventures by foot, bike and boat. Explore Amsterdam at every turn, from fine art museums of 17th century to the modern progressive attitude, to colorful flower markets, coffee shops, to the red light district, to keep you spell bound.

    • Ring of canals

    Amsterdam tour operators offer a variety of cruises for one of the city’s 100 canals, as the city itself is formed from canal rings, lined up with elm and pine trees, crossing more than hundred bridges and of course, providing relaxation, freedom and peace. You can explore this city also known as, “Venice of the North” by bicycle and enjoy yourself.

    • Masterpieces of Dutch

    You will be stunned to see, a total collection of 8,000 objects on display, in one of the nation’s most renowned art and history museums, The Rijksmuseum. It is Amsterdam’s tourist attractions with more than one million visitors each year. Masterpieces of Dutch Golden Age and the famous paintings “The Night Watch”, “The Milk Maid” and many more depicting history and culture of Dutch. It is a complete show with doll houses, silver, ship models and traditional furniture and various antiques.

    • Van Gogh Museum, is another most visited tourists destination, it is a four storied building, housing 200 paintings, and offers an intimate look into Van Gogh‘s growing style. It also displays work by artists, like Millet, Gaugin and Daybingy which are worth seeing.
    • Artifacts from Amsterdam’s nautical history can be seen in The Maritime Museum, the collection of carvings, gives tourists a close look, how sailors passed their time at sea. It also exhibits the rich collection of old maps, ship models, and fine paintings with modern media attractions, with a 17th C. sail ship at its bay.
    • Market in Water

    Have you ever seen floating flower market? If not, then visit this world’s only floating flower market, the Bloemenmarkt on the south bank of Singel canal, at Amsterdam. This market offers different florists, garden shops and souvenirs, to cater to the visitors for which this city is famous for. Tulips, daffodils, narcissus and bulbs are designated for tourists and for export.

    • Shop and Rest

    Amsterdam city guide offers Vondelpark, a place where you can relax, bike along the pathways, play sports on the lush green grass. Designed and crafted by sculpture Louis Royer, the statue of famous Dutch poet and playwright, became the land mark of the city, and a popular spot for tourists as well as locals, and enjoy Dutch beer and sandwich at the park’s horeca facilities.

    • Your tour to Amsterdam will be incomplete, if you did not visit the central square, known as Rembrandt, always vibrant, full of people, shopping, dining and many other sources of entertainment. There are many interesting buildings; cafés surrounding the square to keep you occupied, as you cannot get bored at this place.

    As Amsterdam has many attractions for tourists, so compare Amsterdam packages, for recreational sights and cultural sights, and the backdrop of the canals and squares, makes this city unique for the visitors, to visit this heavenly place again and revive their memories.