• Kashmir is one of the top hill stations of the world, displaying snow -clad mountains, rejuvenating gardens with flowers and a lot more. This is a magical land of angelic mix of thick forests, charming lakes, inviting rivers and brimming with a rich cultural heritage. This is one of the best place to go on vacation and there are some very good reason as to why visit Kashmir India. Come and visit this wonderland and you are sure to feel as if in a heaven.

    Where is Kashmir? It is situated in the state of Jammu & Kashmir, northern India and is world famous for its majestic hills, deep valleys, beautiful gardens filled with flowers and once you visit Kashmir, you will know why it is known for its delightful and an unforgettable experience. It is no wonder to see Kashmir tourism gaining fast momentum as tourists from all over the world discover some exciting Kashmir tour packages. There is plenty to do and see here.

    Here are some good reasons as to why visit Kashmir.

    Explore the Nature
    The natural heaven on this earth Kashmir offers a stunning snowy panorama with sky kissing peaks, those shimmering rivers & waterfalls, gardens lush with greenery and flowery valleys. One is happy being amidst the nature and just exploring the natural sites of the region, lakes & gardens, colorful valleys, etc.
    Nature-loving tourists must plan a Kashmir tour and see what they have been missing until now.

    Get Religious bliss
    Another good reason to plan a visit to Kashmir is to experience the grand religious ecstasy the place has to offer. There are excellent monasteries in Ladakh, fascinating mosques in Srinagar and the world famous Amarnath pilgrimage goes though here. Thus, Kashmir religious tours are popular among devotees of all religions.

    Look for Exciting Adventures
    When you travel to Kashmir, you can gaze on those untainted facets of nature and even experience them. One can trek through the snowy Himalayan peaks or pass through some amazing landscapes. Head towards Gulmarg for skiing and Leh Ladakh and Zanshkar Valley have always beckoned avid explorers, looking for adventures of a lifetime. There are many exciting places to visit in Kashmir

    Stay in a House Boat
    Kashmir has a wide variety of houseboats and some of them are more than 50 years old. You will find some highly luxurious while others simple, but alluring with their ageless charm. A stay is a houseboat is a must on a Kashmir visit and one can stay at different kinds of houseboats like Firdous, Khushal, Nishat and Kushdil, Gulshan, etc. The interiors of each houseboat are adorned majestically and it is an experience to live in one and enjoy the Dal Lake.

    The Mind Blowing Kashmiri Handicrafts
    Explore the region on your Kashmir tour and you will come across some of the most amazing handicrafts. Those beautiful paintings, exquisitely carved furniture, awesome chandeliers, colorful carpets are a must to take back home.

    There are many more reasons as to why visit Kashmir and you need to explore some great Kashmir tour packages to enjoy some of the lovely hill stations of Kashmir.