• Experience Diverse Marine Life in Mombasa

    Come, visit Mombasa, and have a taste of African tropics with seafaring history, which has made it one of the most popular beach destinations of the country, connected by ferries and bridges to the coast of Kenya. Browse through Mombasa tour and travels, and look for all the popular activities and must see attractions, and just sort out the things you want, to make your tour, the best of your life.

    • Art and Artifacts

    One of the top most tourist attractions of Mombasa is Fort Jesus, built in the shape of a man and world’s finest example of military architecture. It has a museum built over the barracks, exhibiting immense collection of ceramics and pottery, depicting various cultures and artifacts.

    • Fun and Frolic at Beaches

    Marine National Park, one of the busiest offshore attraction, it is interesting for those also who have never done diving. You can view hundred of fishes and diverse marine life from glass bottomed boat or you can dive wearing a mask and get a close look of the creatures of the sea. The popular beaches Nyali, Bamburi, and Shanzu are added attractions of the park. Shops and hotels line up the beaches to make it more exciting and entertaining.

    • Well known for water sports, like wind surfing, diving, skiing, snorkeling and sailing along with parasailing can be enjoyed at the beaches which are at the south coastline of Mombasa, Shelly Beach, Tiwi Beach, and the Diana Beach, these beaches are flocked by the tourists especially those fond of sunbathers and snorkelers offering exotic sights of natures beauty.
    • M of Mombasa

    Mombasa Tusks, a renowned landmark of the city Mombasa, which were built to honor the visit of Queen Elizabeth’s visit to this city and these tusks also mark the entrance of the main town, where the vacationers can shop and dine as most of the markets, restaurants and banks are here.

    • Remarkable Wild Life

    The attraction not to be missed is The Karpf Memorial Rabi Museum; it is one of the most stunning museums. Apart from the various animals of wild life, it is also home to interspecies couple and had become famous on internet, when 130 years old tortoise, Mzee had adopted an orphaned hippo named Owen.
    More than 160 birds can be seen in this park from weaver birds, to pelican, cranes and storks. As birds are abundant in the park, other attractions like crocodile pens, reptile park and palm gardens and also butterfly pavilion, has made it one of the most noted spot of Mombasa tourism.

    • Full on Enjoyment

    At the cultural center of Bombolulu Workshops, you can explore traditional homesteads found throughout Kenya, and enjoy the tribal dance performances. Tourists can purchase handcrafted souvenirs, wood carvings, leather crafts, jewelry and also textiles and can experience Kenyan cuisines.

    • Kids of all ages can enjoy, with speedsters at the Mombasa Go Kart, which is very popular as there is a smooth concrete track for the karts to go, and bounce round and off the buggies. There are other sources of entertainment, a big playground, computer games, and a big screen displaying sporting events and of course, enjoy snacks at family friendly restaurants.

    Consult Mombasa travel agents, and go for the best Mombasa packages and deals, and flock to the beach resorts and enjoy spotting trips, on the sun splashed shores, of this lively island, a gem of history and culture is waiting for you.