• The Mall of America

    The Mall of America (MoA) is located in Minnesota and is owned by the Triple Five Group. The store opened in 1992 and receives over 40 million visitors every year. This is the highest number that is received as compared to any mall in the world. Most of these visitors are from Minnesota, Dakotas, Illinois, Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Canada. If planning a vacation in US, do not forget to include a trip to Mall of America. Compare different travel quotes and tour packages to get the best deal.

    The concept of MoA
    Triple Five Group was behind the Mall’s concept. They also own the largest shopping mall in North America. The mall is placed at the site of the former Metropolitan Stadium. Bloomington Port Authority and Ghermezian organization signed an agreement in1986 and thus began the groundbreaking for the Mall. Mall of America opened in August1992 and earned several nicknames such as The Megamall, Megamal, Sprawl of America, etc. It has become the second-largest shopping mall in terms of area and total store vendors. The area is large enough to fit in seven Yankee Stadiums. With a roughly rectangular floor plan, the symmetric mall has more than 530 stores. There are four different zones in the mall, and each has its own decorative style.

    There are two almost identical seven-story parking ramps on the east and west sides of the Mall. Mall’s entrances and underground area are heated. When on a vacation in Minnesota, it is a must to visit the Mall of America.
    Interesting facts on Mall of America

    • 13,300 tons of steel were needed to build the Mall of America
    • $650 million were used to build the Mall of America in 1992.
    • 32 Boeing 747s can fit inside the Mall of America or place 258 Statues of Liberty inside
    • MoA has its own counterterrorism unit.
    • If you spend about 10 minutes inside every store, you will need 86 hours to complete your tour.
    • There is a 1.2 million-gallon aquarium and feeding the aquatic creatures needs more than 100 pounds of food daily.
    • The Mall of America makes more than $2 billion in annual revenue for the state
    • A light rail outside the Mall takes you straight to the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport to the Mall of America.
    • There is the Chapel of Love in the Mall of America where you can get married.
    • If you want to get lost, step inside the one of the largest mirror mazes on the planet in MoA.

    The Mall of America is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. Include this in your cheapest family tour. It attracts millions of visitors that is even higher than the world’s biggest amusement park, the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. Get the best package from your tour operator. The earlier plans for the Mall also included an indoor submarine ride, but those plans were shelved due to due to budgetary concerns. So, this year, plan a trip to the second biggest Mall of America.