• Explore City of Dreaming Spires-Oxford

    Why not take a tour, and discover the famous hidden gems of the city Oxford, packed with full of enthralling places to be revealed, which is a quiet and picturesque city during the day, and as the sun goes down it becomes lively with music venues, clubs, bars and vibrant modern life, motivated by the students, lights and technology giving boost to Oxford tourism.

    • Top Most Colleges

    Just by taking the name of Oxford, numerous colleges come to our mind for which this city is famous. Oxford is renowned all over the world for its 38 colleges, and is considered the best education hub. Each college includes a chapel, dining hall, library, rooms for tutors and students and also several courtyards and lawns making these colleges unique and worth seeing. The Wadham College, King’s College, All Soul’s College, Balliol College, Christ Church College and many more, each college having its own identity.

    • Strange Library

    The exotic building Radcliffe Camera is the most unusual building and the landmark of Oxford. Built in English Palladian style by the famous architect James Gibbs. Part of the Bodleian Library is accessible for the guided tour in the building of Radcliffe Camera, and an earliest example of a circular library in England.

    • Free Treasure Trove

    Museum tucked away behind Natural History Museum of Oxford University is the Pitt Rivers Museum having a wonderful collection of shrunken heads and fascinating objects gathered with headings, even musical instruments, model boats an amazing anthropological collection, from all over the world. There is a shop with reasonable collection of items as souvenirs for tourists.

    • UK’s oldest Botanical Garden hosting 7,000 different species of plants, was created by the faculty of medicine of the university to grow herbs and plant. The River Cherwell passes right beside this garden, holding events and socializing throughout the year. In the romantic setting of this garden there are all sorts of flower beds, ponds, and glass houses and also rock garden and water garden are other mesmerizing features for the visitors.
    • Romantism of Punting

    The most popular place to go punting is the River Cherwell, a quiet tributary of Thames River. Basically it means to row flat bottomed boat pushed in the water with a big pole, you can hire and enjoy this most trendy past time and water sport, as you can see individuals falling in water while punting, but still it’s fun.

    • Center of Oxford

    Carfax tower should be your choice to enjoy the view over the Oxford’s roof tops. This tower is considered to be the highest in Oxford 23m high, as no other building can be constructed higher than this. It is a 13th century church, but now does not resemble as a c church, you can hear the sounds of the bells, struck on the quarter of the hour, by the two figures on front of the tower, reminding the era of past.

    Oxford tourism provides ample packages and must see destinations, to hang out with your family and friends and enjoy a unique shopping experience also, with traditional high street shops, and a mix of small stalls selling everything. So link up your tour to the buildings of this city, and explore the mysterious faces, that have been here from uncountable years.