• Orange- A Truly welcoming city that is rich in history

    The orange region lies in the southeastern France and is based on the agricultural economy primarily. The town is well famous for Roman architecture and its Roman theatre and is major tourist attraction. Look for tour packages Orange so as to plan an Orange vacation and get ready for a memorable experience. Orange is located at about 21 kilometers in the north of Avignon. There is plenty to do and see here, and it is essential to compare Orange travel quotes before you start your holiday.

    Roman architecture and its Roman theatre
    The town is well famous for its Roman architecture and theatre. Théâtre antique d’Orange is known as one of the most impressive theater that still exists in Europe. The fine Triumphal Arch of Orange is said to date back from the time of Augustus or Tiberius. The Roman theatre has been restored and has often been the site of a music festival. Chorégies d’Orange festival is held annually and is today a world-famous international opera festival. New Chorégies began in 1971 and was an overnight. Many top international opera singers perform at Chorégies d’Orange and New Chorégies.

    Discover Roman Theatre during your Orange family tour and you will find it in the south of the Inner City. The back walls are composed of massive stone blocks, and there are rich decorations that are still intact. There is a seating provided for 7,000 people. Orange has reserved the statue of Emperor Augustus. Enjoy festival performances at the Roman Theater during the summer months.

    Just next to the Roman Theater in Orange, you will find ruins of a great Roman temple that is situated in a long stadium. There is a beautiful park – Colline St Eutrope, which lies to the south of the Roman Theater. The Old Town of Orange lies to the north of the Roman Theater. Thus, look for the best package Orange to cover all these attractions.

    Triumphal Arch
    The arterial road in a northerly direction will lead to the Arc de Triomphe or the Triumphal Arch. In spite of the long time and severe weathering, this is one of the finest of its kind on France. There are three arches vaulting from the gateways. Once there were four statues on the top and either side, you see trophies from Gallic vessels.

    Sérignan-du-Comtat is the “Harmas” estate, where the famous biologist J.-H. Fabre lived. The house is now turned into a museum, and you can visit his room with drawings and water-colors.

    Just opposite to the west of Orange lies the nuclear research center of Marcoule. Using Nucléaire is the complex of this nuclear research center and the principal task of the center is to get radio-active substances for medicine, science and industry.

    Thus, you can see that there is plenty to and explore during your Orange vacation. Make sure to get the best packages from tour experts so as to make the best out of your holiday in Orange.