• Excursion to the Dream City of Academics-Cambridge

    As we all know, that Cambridge University is the big draw in the city, along with it, there is so much to see and do, and there is everything for everyone, when it comes to entertainment in Cambridge. Buzzing theatre, live music, choice of galleries and of course, colleges. Famous for several festivals and excellent architecture, Cambridge tour guides and planners will help, to familiarize you with the great attractions, as tours can vary, from walking tours to boat or helicopter tours, according to the location.

    • Learning Centers

    Cambridge known for its academic institutions, you can enjoy a walking tour to absorb the sights of the medieval colleges. There are dozens of colleges belonging to the University of Cambridge. Since colleges are first and foremost, than the museums in this city, so visitors may not be allowed during the exam times, as the colleges are the highlights of the tour to this city. You can listen to the choir, and gaze at the beauty of the cathedral sized chapel of King’s College Chapel, the Trinity College and the King’s College one of the most renowned colleges of the city.

    • The Fitzwilliam Museum of University of Cambridge, houses world class antiques and collection of artwork, is worth seeing and also Kettle’s Yard known for its finest galleries, wide range of art work, sculpture trail walks and contemporary art work is appreciated by one and all.
    • Pick Your Punter

    The highlights of this city, no doubt, are the punting tours on the River Cam, flat bottomed boats going 40 miles, on the river Cam, running at the back of the colleges of Cambridge, passing through the heart of the city, offering unbelievable views showing the other side of the city not to be missed.

    • Hang Out Zones

    Numerous tapestries and art collections, featuring ‘The Opening of Waterloo Bridge’ can be enjoyed at Anglesey Abbey, along with it, you can hang out in the gardens, including the Wild Life Discovery Area, watching birds and bugs in their natural habitats, and later on, you can watch the grind stones doing their jobs in the historic Lode Mill and a lot of programs for families.

    • The University Botanical Garden, abundant of natural beauty, is an ideal place for families and romantic couples, providing a great day for vacationers as well as locals, admiring various species of plants, flowers and trees.
    • Kids and Adults

    There is a lot for everyone in this city, apart from colleges there is a Funky Fun House for children, like slides, air canons firing foam balls, lots of challenging games and sports for the physical and mental development, along with enjoyment.

    • The place not to be missed is the Cambridge Market, and the thing which matters the most is the surroundings, it is in front of a small gem, the Corn Exchange. The location of the market is the Market Hill, which was the medieval centre of Cambridge; from St. Mary’s Tower you can have a great view of this market.

    It will be advisable, to take the guidance of Cambridge planners, and guides for your tour to this city, which will assist you to attain life time experience, from the best packages and tours guides, as there are exceptional sights and attractions, and excellent things to do in this city, apart from colleges.