• Explore Magnificent Monuments and Fascinating Heritage in SEVILLE

    eville has its own share of must see tourist destinations, like any great city of Europe. If you have not seen Seville, then you have missed a marvel, is an apt saying. There is so much in this city to offer to its visitors, along with the wealth of art and architecture, the lust for life of the people swaying to the rhythmic tapping music, or dancing the night away in the open air discotheque, makes your tour to this vibrant and bustling city, unique and memorable.

    • Absolutely Amazing

    One of the top most tourist attractions of Seville is the Palace Alcazar, a complex of royal gardens, palaces and patios, representing masterpiece of Moorish architecture. The starry designed ceiling of the dome Salon de Embajadores, the delicate arches and plaster work of the Patio de las Doncellas, the Fame Fountain in the extensive gardens with cafeteria and air conditioned rooms makes it a must see attraction.

    • Built by Christian and Moorish architecture, Casa de Pilatos is an example of 16th century is popular among the tourist destinations of Selville. It also contains a small chapel, big and small gardens with beautiful fountains. Numbers of rooms are occupied by the museums depicting the paintings of bullfight and Roman sculptures and statues. There are number of Gothic elements and Mudejar decorations.
    • The world’s largest Gothic Cathedral was brick built, with many chapels and a High Alter covered with gold leaf. The interior is very ornate having many interesting details and impressive. The mammoth Gothic structures depict the life of Jesus; more than 1,000 figures are covered with gold leaf. The added features comprise the Pedro de Campana’s Descent from the Cross, Francisco de Zurbaran’s Santa Teresa, and many more.
    • Peaceful Park

    Though located close to the Plaza de Espana a busy street, you will feel completely relaxed and chill out in the Parque de Maria Luisa a public park, stretching along the Guadalquivir river near the center of the city with trees, hills, fountains statues and also a duck pond with a wide range of water birds making it a picturesque and a pleasant spot.

    • Exotic and Expensive

    The largest wooden structure in the world is the Metropol Parasol, located at La Encarnacion square, the building consists six massive umbrella-shaped structures, made of imported birch wood from Finland. There is a lot to enjoy as there it is a market place, with restaurants, antiquarian and an open air plaza, a complete pack of sightseeing as well as entertainment.

    • Pictorial Street

    The most picturesque and delightful part of the city is the Barrio de Santa Cruz bordered by Guadalquivir River, where you can enjoy tapas, sit outside a bar watch the world go by, hang out in the narrow streets, white in frame with black refined lattices, flowers and greenery making an ineradicable impression on the vacationer, with a number of tourist shops selling typical tourist fare, for example, flamenco dress style aprons, T-shirts with naïf slogans and many more.

    Browse for the best Selville packages and quotes, as Spain is at its best in this city of Selville, it has built its tourism industry, since it hosted the International Exposition in 1992, so there is a lot more than this, to explore, so go for the Silvelle tours and travels for detailed information and enjoy the warm and sunny glow.