• Tour To The Hill of Strangers-GRANADA

    Immerse yourself in the rich history of Granada, as its must see attractions are the greatest artistic wealth of this city, the rich Spanish Muslim art, the pleasure of palaces, mansions, monasteries, and romantic gardens with diversity of flowers, fountains and plants, places where you can come close to the Moorish architecture and artistic monuments, of the past as well as the contemporary, is considered to be one of the Spain’s most frequently visited tourist centers.

    • Palaces and Gardens

    One of the UNESCO listed palaces is the Alhambra Palace, walk through the most important halls admiring the Nasrid Palaces, and Myrtle Courtyard and the Ambassador’s Hall which is included in the palace, the contrasting renaissance architecture and the Moorish architecture and décor of the palace is breath taking. There is a hotel- parador in this historical building. The whole Alhambra outcrop is astounding and it needs time to explore.

    • Muslims gardens are the best part of the palaces, as they are the living elements; they help to break the monotonous and the emptiness of the palaces. Generalife gardens the best part of the Granada tour, is considered to be Muslims paradise are quite cool, shady and tranquil, with cypress trees, and also an unusual stairway with cascading waterfalls, makes it the most charming and beautiful part of the Alhambra hill.
    • Hang Out Zones

    Tourist trap to be first on the line is Alcaiceria-Zoco, it literally means house of Caesar, is a bazaar with Arched Gateways at the entrance, this bazaar is the main trading center; mainly souvenirs or crafts are sold here. There are other goods for sale also, example Islamic architecture, jewelry shops, handcuffs, knives and guns and also tiled wall decorations and an interesting place to hang out.

    • Dominated by two important buildings, the old Justice Palace and the church of San Gil and Santa Ana is the stunning linear square that runs along the river Daro is Plaza Nueva, though one of the oldest square of Granada, but still is called New Square. It is a great place to loiter as there are fountains and pavement cafes, bars and clubs with coffee shops and restaurants. One cannot get bored as one can pass their time in a pleasant way as there is lot more in this Square.
    • Wonders of Science

    Granada’s science museum Parque de las Ciencias houses two main buildings with solar panels for educational and practical purposes taking the tourists on a journey through body, mind and soul as there exhibition halls covering various themes, like the Techno-Forum Pavilloin, Al-Andalus Science Pavilion and many more. In the interactive exhibits you can handle electric circuits experiencing the force of air, get inside a giant Kaleidoscope and play with light and sound.

    • The Exploration Hall offers games toys and gadgets for children, the Planetarium takes you to the journey through the universe, and along with it there are different shows throughout the day. Granada travel guide will assist you to each and every nook and corner of this excellent museum.

    Refer Granada travel guide and browse for the best tour packages, so as to avoid inconvenience and definitely plan budget accordingly, as there is lot more to see and do in this beautiful city.