• Angola – A country of great potential and Tourism

    Angola is known for its specific climate and has a rainy season that lasts from October to April, and then there is a mist of “Cacimbo” from May to September. The average temperature hovers around 23º, If you are planning an Angola vacation, you are certainly thinking in the right direction, as there is plenty to do and see in this wonderful country of Africa. The statistics show that the number of tourists is fast rising with every year. Compare Angola travel quotes before you plan a vacation in Angola, so as to design a well-planned holiday with your loved ones.
    What to do during Angola tour

    Exotic Beaches to explore
    The Atlantic coastline along Angola can stretch for more than 1.650 km and mighty rivers meander the land. The sediments carried by the rivers from the high plateaus make excellent beaches, and some popular options are Mussulo, Palmeirinhas, Ilha do Cabo and Santiago. There are more beaches to name such as Caóta, Caotina, Baia Azul, Morena, Azul and Baia Farta. Explore the beaches during your An
    gola cheapest family tour.

    Stunning Landscapes
    The climatic characteristics of Angola make it richly diversified in animal and vegetable species. There are exciting landscapes to explore. You can visit thick forestland that is rich in exotic woods, or go for the natural locale of gorillas. Savannah forestland can be found in plenty in the basins of Kwanza, Kuango, Cuito and Cassai. The open forestlands on the elevated plains, provide a natural habitat for hundreds of species. Further South lies the desert area of Namibe, where a vegetable species that is unique in the world – Welwitshia Mirabilis grows. Do not forget to include these regions in tour packages Angola.

    Plenty of National Parks
    Natural parks and reserves have been established to preserve and protect animal and vegetable life that are threatened by extinction. Some popular names are and the National Park of Cangandala, National Integral Park of Kwando and National Park of Quissama. The black palanca is a species to be found only in Angola. The African antelope, the wild boar and elephant can be found only in National Park of Quissama. The coastline of the park is known for the sea turtles. One can find the lion, leopard, chacal, elephant and the antelope in the National Park of Kameia. Kissama National Park is towards the south of Luanda and is home to a great variety of wild animals.

    Other Things to see and do
    There is more to explore and see during Angola vacation. There are Calandula Waterfalls that are placed in the Malanje area; that offers an impressive spectacle and present a mighty view at the end of the rainy season.

    There are many Coastal forts to explore during your vacation in Angola. Some good examples are the famous Fort Sao Miguel that served as slave depot and dwelling for the Portuguese community and was built in 1789. One can visit the Humbi-Humbi art gallery in Luanda to explore the cultural delights.
    Look for the best package Angola that cab include all the above attractions and help create a memorable vacation.