• Most Unique City of Festivities-Orleans

    Orleans holds something for every traveler; the main reason to travel here is not the city itself, but the beautiful castles in this region. You will experience an unforgettable adventure in the swamp land and picturesque bayous. Gardens, historic attractions, and the most famous and beautiful, the chataeux make Orleans a perfect starting point for travelling. Whether you are travelling with your family or flying solo, this city will entertain you, amaze you and inform you.

    • Stunning

    The cathedral, which is beautiful and larger than life, is beautiful gothic church, St. Croix Cathedral; it is 140 meters long with two towers in front of about 88 meters high. The inside will leave you speechless as it is decorated beautiful stained glass windows, depicting the story of Joan of Arc and the ornate wood work depicts the life of Christ. Some of the diverse range of ecclesiastical treasures will take you back to the fourth century.

    • Museum N Fun

    It is advisable to go late on Thursday’s to the Ogden Museum of Southern Art, displaying photography, collections of paintings and ceramic, as you can get a chance to enjoy Ogden After Hours, because it is regularly scheduled for a cocktail party in town, where local musicians play, and consumers sing and dance mingling in the galleries having fun.

    • Popular Square

    In the heart of the French Quarter is the Jackson Square, surrounded by greenery and trees and the statue of General Andrew Jackson in the center of the Square, and the landmark St. Louis Cathedral stands prominently on the square, with its white façade and cone shaped spires. Both the Louisiana State Museums, the Presbytere and Cabildo can be visited, the whole area is attractively laid out along the banks of Mississippi, with the Riverboat docks, as well as variety of fast food outlets and boutiques, making it a popular tourist destination.

    • Striking Structure

    An impressive renaissance structure built in the 16th century Chateau Chambord, is one of the highlights of Orleans, with 440 rooms and 365 chimneys, and one finds double spiral structure staircase within the structure designed by Leonardo de Vinci. The beautiful Chateau Chenonceau rests across the river Cher.

    • Merriment

    Mardi Gras and New Orleans go hand in hand, it one of the biggest events of the year in this city, Mardi Gras elaborate celebrations are famous all over the world. To enjoy the festivities going in the city, people come from all over the world, and to get a glimpse behind the scenes visitors can see the working studios in the Mardi Gras World, all the sculptured props, outrageous costumes can be seen here. Guided tours are offered regularly for tourists to se e the workshops where artists and sculptures work.

    • Parc Floral de La Source a place, do not miss to take the kids, the gardens are vast and beautiful, with glorious puppet shows, kids play area, ducks and flamingos on the lake, aviaries and a mini golf also, you can hire family bikes also and some of the terrain is a little tricky also.

    There are countless things to do in this city, so browse for the best Orleans quotes and packages, and before you leave, Orleans tourism offers plantation sites, near the Mississippi River and you will be amazed by the beautiful historical homes, that have stood hundreds of years. There are plenty of New Orleans tours to choose, and sure you will not be disappointed.