• Most Fashionable Bathing Resort-SAN SEBASTIAN

    What more does one need? Mouth watering food, pretty buildings, along with white sandy beaches, all in one, easy to navigate city, is what San Sebastian tourism is. Though it is a small city, but events like International Film Festival and Jazz festival takes place in this city, and it is known for its beach resorts because of its picturesque shoreline. The hilly surroundings enhance the beauty of sea side environment, and you can sunbathe and swim right next to the major churches and historical buildings.

    • World Wide Renowned Beaches

    The exotic beaches of San Sebastian has made it the summer capital of Europe, but the most beautiful urban beach is La Concha, as a lining of an ornate white railing on its boardwalk has made it the symbol of the city. The beachside is adorned by lavish mansions and famous spa La Perla.

    • Ondarreta, though one of the smallest beach and the most traditional beach of the city, is still none the less beautiful and stretches from the foot of Mount Igueldo to the Miramar Palace, there is a short tunnel for the pedestrians to cross from La Concha Beach, it is frequented by families with children and very popular among the tourists and the locals.

      • The third most popular beach in San Sebastian, not to be missed is the Zurriola Beach as this beach receives bigger waves, for this reason it is more popular amongst youngsters and for those who are interested in surfing. “El muro” is a place at the end of the beach where you can watch the surfers and listen to the waves crashing the rocks and enjoy the picturesque beauty of sunset.
      • Treat for Tourists

      Highest concentration of bars in the world can be found nowhere else, but only in the Old Town of San Bestian, located at the foot of the Mount Urgull, you can enjoy walking on the narrow streets, as it is an ideal place to go for a walk, and try some of the tasty local pintxos, for which this place is famous for. Do not forget to have a look at the Constitution Square and the Santa Maria del Coro Church in Old Town.

      • The Bygone Days

      If you want to have a deeper insight of the present day Basque society then San Telmo Museum, located at the foot of Mount Urgull is an apt solution, as the collection contains more than 26,000 archeological, historical, ethnographic, photographic and artistic elements. It is a unique mixture of gothic and renaissance styles, thus a very interesting mixture of the old and new.

      • Mount Urgull is surrounded by water on three sides and one is connected with the Old Town, it served as a defensive point for the city and till this day military ruins, parts of the broken wall that protected the city can be seen. As you climb up the hill there is a small bar with a terrace, from where you can have a view of the city, and at the highest point of the Mount Urgull is the Mota Castle which is home to History House Museum, which contains historic elements as well as a video showcasing the burning down of the city.

      If you plan to visit San Sebastian, then it is ideal to hire a travel guide, so that you may know where the main districts of the city are located, as each area has its own unique identity which encourages tourism. San Sebastian tourism offers various packages along with family bonanza, as it is one of the top most beach destinations of the world.