• Modern Face of the Basque Country-BILBAO

    Whatever you are looking for, whether it’s Basque culture, shopping, night life or savory Basque cuisine, etc. you will find in Bilbao, the city of Spain, which is sophisticated and humming with action, and at same time comparatively stress free. This city is the beating heart of the Basque country, and is must for design and culture lovers. This city has a lot of hidden gems to offer to tourists, as it is surrounded by green hills, close to the coast, it is a perfect Bilbao tourism hub.

    • Key Attraction

    No doubt, the main attraction of Bilbao is the Guggenheim Museum, the building itself is a major attraction; everything is built of titanium, glass, steel and limestone. Titanium had been used for the first time for architecture. There are some very interesting structures outside the museum, a Puppy stands outside the museum covered by plants. The museum when reflects at night in the pool outside, gives an impression, as if the museum is floating.

    • Fun and Enjoy

    If you are visiting Bilbao, then definitely you should take out time to get lost in Casco Viejo-Old Town, it is also known as “Las 7 calles” in Spanish, as there are seven streets, forming the medieval town and it is the heart of the city. The narrow street is mostly pedestrian and packed to the brim with taverns, offering tasty pintxos.

    • Plaza Nueva a colorful and busy place in the Old Town, it is not park like plaza with gardens and flowers, but it is paved and a social center, typical Spanish with its arcades, restaurants and open spaces. There is a Santiago cathedral, impressive church of San Nicholas and also the Academy of Basque Language, and there is a weekly flea market also, where children and adults have their own way of enjoyment.
    • La Ribera Market is the largest indoor market of Europe, located in the southern corner of the Old Town, just next to the river. If you want to enjoy local cuisine then is an apt place for you, as you can find all the fresh ingredients, which are important in Basque gastronomy.

      • Walk Over the White Bridge

      Bridges are also one of the aspects of Bilbao tourism, as the Nervion River runs through the city, so there are several bridges designed by famous architects that are worth seeing. The stylish looking bridge worth a walk is the Zubizuri Bridge, it’s a beautiful pedestrian bridge, the floor is made of glass panels and no doubt, the experience of walking over the semi transparent surface is great.

      • Museum N Park

      The Bilbao Maritime Museum, is an enclosed building, the exhibition is comprised on the outdoor area of the building. Inside the museum you can have a view of the physical environment of the estuary, the evolution of the industry and also the history of trade and business in the area. The docks with restored vessels and the heritage buildings is the exterior potion of the museum.

      The combination of Romantic and French gardens can be seen in Dona Casilda Iturrizar Park, so there are straight tree lined avenues, paths, ponds, fountains and a circular botanical garden, and some other elements like a sports area and a children’s leisure park makes it a complete place for all age groups.

      Pack your bags and baggage, and explore the tourist destinations in this city, browse for the best tour packages, and avail the facilities provided by the Bilbao tourism, as there are a lot of things to do and see for everyone in this city.