• The Queen of Watering Places-BRIGHTON

    Bursting with sports, events, tranquil green places and beachfront Brighton has become a popular destination for day trippers from London also. This unique city offers iconic tourist attractions, vibrant colorful fun and energy of the city and freedom of the sea. You will also find a world of beautiful castles, country houses, forts, parks and gardens, there is so much in store in this city waiting to be explored.

    • Awesome Architecture

    If you are in Brighton a visit to the Royal Pavilion should not be missed, it is former royal residence, a sea side retreat for George Prince of Wales, and also home to the finest collections and examples of the chinoiserie style in Britain. The architect Henry Holland transformed the farmhouse into a handsome neo-classical mansion by the sea, which is worth seeing.

    • Ships with Everything

    Covering over 126 acres, Brighton Marina, you can stroll around the marina looking at the boats, and walk the perimeter sea wall. You can enjoy everything as cinema, casino, ten pin bowling, arcade, pub restaurant, and even outdoor seating, looking out over the marina at yachts and cruisers are there to keep you occupied and entertained.

    • Unique Shopping Experience

    Do browse around the area known as Lanes, it is a collection of narrow streets covering at least 1 mile and is the oldest area in Brighton. Home to café’s, jewelry shops, perfumes, antiques, bags, shoes and a lot more, these lanes are very charming and worth visiting.

    • Golden Day at the Pier

    Brighton Pier is a most fascinating place to visit, it is a connection with the sea, it spans over 524 meters out of the sea, from where you can have an overall view of the Brighton and the sea. You can relax yourself by looking at the sunset, seeing the seagulls having ice cream next to you. Inside you can have lots of fun as there are games, roller coaster, aquarium, restaurants and pubs and night clubs.

    • Enjoyable Ambiance

    You will never get annoyed at the Beach, as here is so much to see, you will be stunned by the view of the street ahead and the sea in the background, it gives a special ambiance to the town. You can go for swimming, relax on the seaside lawn or play beach volley ball, and you can enjoy the sea, the color of the water, the sky and the sound of waves, and capture the exotic moments forever.

    • Booth Museum of Natural History is a fascinating museum, housing half a million of specimens and natural history data of past three centuries. It includes a killer whale skeleton, and the bones of dinosaur and hundreds of British birds displayed in recreated natural settings. Apart from this, there are special exhibitions, children’s activities, educational programs, research facility and museum shop also.

    Come to Brighton and see the best of England, as it offers something for every walk of life and plus Brighton tourism offers a lot of tourist attractions and activities, so before planning to visit this incredible city, browse for the best travel agency and packages,as there is a lot in store for you, just waiting to be explored.