• Brisbane- A Place Of Endless Discovery

    Visit Brisbane once and you can be sure of returning back again and again. This is a modern, vibrant city with an unsurpassed natural beauty. Enjoy the sub-tropical climate in this pretty riverside city. The locals are friendly and love their city, and it shows in their attitude, as you will discover during your Brisbane vacation. There is plenty to do and see here, and one can easily combine art and outdoor adventure in Brisbane. There are riverside gardens, cultural institutions and plenty more. Compare Brisbane tour packages and get the best of the attractions listed here to include in your itinerary.

    Tourism is an important industry for Brisbane. Every year, about 5 million international visitors head for a Brisbane vacation. It has also been named as “Australia’s hippest city”.

    Let us take a look at some of the major attractions in Brisbane.

    Brisbane City Hall
    This is one of the most famous landmarks, Australia’s largest city hall and is home to the Museum of Brisbane. It boasts of the world-famous grand piano organ and the circular Concert Hall. The free tours educate the visitors on the rich history of the City Hall and its role in social development of Brisbane.

    Story Bridge
    This is designed by Dr. John Bradfield, who has also designed the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It is a Brisbane icon and is 1,072 metres in length. It spans Petrie Bight from Kangaroo Point to Fortitude Valley. When comparing Brisbane travel quotes, do include these attractions in your tour. There are daylight, twilight, and night tours covering the Story Bridge.

    Kangaroo Point Cliffs
    The Kangaroo Point Cliffs was formed about 230 million years ago. These are popular among rock climbers, while the gardens below are popular for picnics and BBQs. The Kangaroo Point Cliffs extend south from just north of the former Naval Bridge Depot and go on till the former South Brisbane Dry Dock.

    Fortitude Valley
    The Fortitude Valley underwent an urban renaissance in 1980’s and 1990’s, and the area is characterized by hotels, churches and other commercial buildings side by side with residential buildings.

    The Gabba
    This is one of the most famous sports stadiums in Australia and was set up in 1895. It hosts a number of sports such as Rugby union, Rugby league, Baseball, etc. The stadium has a seating capacity of 42,000. Include this in your cheapest family tour Brisbane.

    Lang Park
    Lang Park is also called known as Suncorp Stadium and is considered to be the best rectangular stadium in Australia. The major sports stadium was made in 1914 and hosts Football and Rugby mainly. It carries a seating capacity of 52,500.

    Treasury Casino
    The Conrad Treasury Casino is situated at the top of the city near the Victoria Bridge and underwent three stages of construction. It first opened officially in 1928 and offered expansive space for its Treasury Building tenants. Later the Treasury Building and adjacent Land were sold, and the building was redeveloped as the Conrad Treasury Casino.

    Look for Brisbane best package to include the major attractions in your vacation.