• City of Violent Wind and Lord of the River-AVIGNON

    Visiting Avignon means discovering the life style of Provence, Avignon, is home to outstanding architectural heritage, located in the heart of Provence, and is one of the cultural cities of Europe, it is flooded with tourists during the summer months. This city is much favored by tourists, for its art treasures and also, it is an excellent setting out point for excursions into Provence.

    • Gothic Palace

    The Palace of the Popes is one of the biggest Gothic Palace in Europe; it covers fifteen thousand square meters of floor space, and is more like a fortress than a palace. There are gothic windows and decorations are a mighty land mark looming above Avignon. In the evening the Palace is lit up pink and the front is an impressive setting for the Avignon festivals.

    • Golden Mary

    Cathedral of Notre-Dame des Doms is located near the Papal Palace the most heavily visited part by the tourists, built in the 12th century overlooking the Rhone valley. The bell tower is crowned by the most notable feature, the golden statue of Virgin Mary, weighing 4.5 tons, which is visible from much part of the city. It is hard to miss this unusual looking church, amalgam of several works of construction.

    • Famous Bridge

    Pont d’ Avignon is one of the famous bridges in the whole of France, it is immortalized in the children’s song, and it juts out in the river at the foot of Rocher des Doms. This fortified bridge originally had 22 arches and was 900m/985yd long, but as it was destroyed in 1668 now only four arches are left. In the centre storey Chapell St Nicholas, the lower part is Romanesque and upper is Gothic with a bell-gale.

    • Ring of Walls

    The whole of Avignon is surrounded by a complete ring of walls; the total length of the wall is 4.8 Km, with eight gates at irregular intervals and 39 towers incorporated into the wall. The purpose of the walls was also to protect the city from being flooded by the river Rhone. These walls and towers still encircle the inner city, called “intra-murao”.

    • Private Collection

    Musee Calvet is one of the famous museums; it has private collections of Francois Esprit Calvet a native doctor. The museums displays medieval paintings and antique sculptures by Provencal masters, and also an instructive cross section of French Painters, there is also a collections of ceramics and coins along with fine spacious, well organized galleries.

    • Exotic Views

    The Rocher des Doms is a rocky spur, which was landscaped into a pleasant plateau with an artificial rock garden behind the Palais de Papes, these gardens were laid out in the 19th century. You can have a panoramic view across the Rhome; you can see not only the Pont St. Benezet, but also tour Phillippe-le-Bel and also Fort St. Andre, a defensive building.

    • One of Europe’s largest river islands is Ile de la Barthelasse, which is located between the two arms of Rhone. This island has become a prime place to hang out for the locals as well as the tourists, a huge array of bird species are habitat of this island, including kites, hawks, harriers and many other wild lives. In addition to this, you can hire river boat, there are lush green parks and gardens, campsites and restaurants and even sports facility.

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