• The City of Art and Sciences-VALENCIA

    Valencia is the most popular attraction for families with children, the city of art and sciences, is not only fun to visit, it is also an interactive and an educational experience that will keep the kids happy for days. It is jam packed with attractionsto suit all tastes and ages, hitting the museums, relaxing on the beaches, medieval castles and towers, to modernist art and architecture, and of course a glut of massive shopping centers and plenty of places to eat and drink.

    • Stunning Building

    Valencia Cathedral is the beating heart of the small and rambling historic streets. It is one of the most beautiful churches that stuns, from both the outside as well as the interior, which is filled with rich sculptural and pictorial ornaments. You can have a great view of the city from the church tower, Micalet which is open for public for a small fee.

    • Amazing Art and Science

    The absolute must see and most popular attraction in the city is Valencia’s City of Art and Sciences, which spans over five buildings covering 350,000 square meters. This stunning building is at the seaward end of the old Turia river bed, it has seen a lot of changes, you can see the 3D panoramic cinema with 3D glasses which have in built speakers, programs to your own language, and no matter what country you belong and can enjoy the movie.

    • The city of arts contain 6 zones, the L’Hemispheric is well designed to look like a huge giant eye. The science museum El Museu de les Ciences Principe Felipe keep on changing programs at various time of the year. It is not necessary to be a science fan to enjoy it is very educational, with plenty of activities to keep you as well as children entertained.
    • Water wanders

    The most important part of the city of arts is the Oceanographic Aquarium, one of the largest aquariums in Europe; it offers details of sea life of the world along with hours of entertainment. As it is close to the beach you can enjoy all the see related things in abundance in, sharks or t can walk through the largest tropical fish, penguins and even dolphin shows. You can walk through the largest under water tunnel in Europe, with sharks swimming a few meters from your face.

    • Your holiday in the sun is incomplete, without a visit to the beach; luckily this city has many beaches that stretch along the coast line. Malvarso is the most popular beach which stretches around the port area and then splits into two sections, the Playa las Arenas and the Playa Cabanyal beaches. Along with the exotic beauty of the coast line you can relish a wide selection of sea food in restaurants.
    • Natural Habitat

    Valencia Zoo Bioparc is not like an average zoo, you can find different species of animals sharing one place, just like in the wild, as there are no cages. You can walk around the zoo and can feel close to lions, giraffes, leopards and gorillas. The barriers are created naturally between humans and animals so you can wander the natural areas and watch the animals pass by you.

    Browse for Valencia travel quotes and hire the best travel guide, before your trip to the different attractions and about the offers and packages available, because if you have an idea about what is there, then you will be able to plan your trip better and make most of your time in this gem of a truly awesome city