• Universal Studios Hollywood – where the Fantasy meets the Reality

    Universal Studios Hollywood is a theme park in the city of Los Angeles, California in United States. This is not only the most famous, but also the oldest of the film studios still in use. The studies are officially marketed as The Entertainment Capital of LA or the Coolest Place in Universal Studios LA. Initially, it was created to offer tours for the guests around soundstages and sets in the Universal Studios. Today, it has become a prime attraction among the tourists all over the world. Look for exciting tour packages Universal Studios Hollywood and cover the attractions.

    Metro Red line subway and other Metro bus routes can easily take on to the Universal Studios Hollywood. This is the only authentic theme park in the world with a working movie studio. It is a popular weekend attraction for L.A. locals and a great pull for the visitors from all across the world. The theme park is huge and can be divided into the Upper lot and the Lower lot. Look for the cheapest family tour Universal Studios Hollywood to cover the major attractions here. I t is simply impossible to cover the complete offers of the Universal Studios in a day.

    • The Upper lot

    The Upper lot is based on family-based shows, and you will come across different dining and merchandise shops near the park’s entrance. The main shows include Universal’s Animal Actors Show, Blues Brothers Revue, Waterworld: A Live Sea War Spectacular, the Special Effects Stage, Shrek 4-D, etc. The main rides are The Simpsons Ride, the Studio Tour, ‘Despicable Me and the Silly Swirly in the outdoors. Include the Studio Tour in your Universal Studios Hollywood best package that will take you through the theme park’s back-lot on a a 45 minute ride on tram vehicles. This is the signature ride at the theme park and includes King Kong: 360 3-D, which is also the world’s biggest 3-D experience. The trams depart the station and pass under the Starway” and goes the film productions stages, and if there is a filming going on, the visitors are notified by the ride operator. The tram then goes to the Courthouse Square section, and another attraction: King Kong 360 3D. It then moves on to Jurassic park and Flash Flood attraction, and Earthquake and Bates motel from Psycho. Enjoy the Simpsons Ride.

    • The Lower lot

    The lower lot is smaller as compared to the upper lot and you will come across three thrill rides here, and each of them carry height and ride restrictions. The main rides are Jurassic Park, Revenge of the Mummy and the Transformers. Jurassic Park ride is a water adventure ride while the Mummy is a great in-door roller coaster. It is reflected to be one of the most scariest ride of the park. Transformers 3D is the newest ride and the vehicle movements are very intense. Currently, this is one of the most packed ride at the Universal Studios Hollywood.

    Look for the cheapest family tour Universal Studios Hollywood to make the most of your day and money to get real value entertainment.