• Europe’s Surfing Mecca-BIARRITZ

    Biarritz is a stylish and luxurious beach town popular with tourists and surfers and is considered as Europe’s surfing capital. Surfing is deep in the roots of this city and not just a popular activity. So the city has become a prime destination from around the world, developing a night life and surf based culture. The city comprises of grand houses and more relaxed and easy going surf culture, and a lot more for the tourists to wander the streets.

    • Sun and Sand

    The beaches of Biarritz have made this city a popular summer destination, the seaweeds found in the beaches adds iodine to the water which is beneficial for the body, these healthy properties of water has enhanced tourism. One of the most popular and main beach of the town is the Grande Plage, people come here to gain the benefits of water, as it is located in the heart of the city so shopping areas, bars and restaurants are close to it.

    • Plage Port Vieux is a small but attractive beach, close to the Old Port and also near the center of the town frequented by locals as well as tourists all the year round, offering the best conditions for swimming.
    • The main surfing beach is the Plage de la Cote des Basques, this beautiful beach is surrounded by cliffs and during high tide the sand disappears; only surfers and waves are left behind. Plage Milady, Anglet and Plage Mirmar are other known beaches, to lure your heart.
    • Fun Zone

    Casino Municipal is considered one of the main symbols of Biarritz city, this spectacular casino is located in the center of the town, and was built in 1929 by the architect Alfred Laulhe; apart from the casino this building has a swimming pool as well as a theatre.

    • Wonder Spots

    The Fisherman Port is another renowned spot for the tourist, it was built in 1870 for inshore fishermen but now this cute little port is houses bunch of restaurants, and if you want to enjoy sea food or fresh fish, then this is definitely the right place for you.

    • The Sea Museum Aquarium located on the cliffs close to the Rock of the Virgin has a long history; it has one of the largest pools in France. You can enjoy the flora and fauna of the oceans of the entire world, the Gulf Stream, Pacific Ocean, Carrabin Sea, and North Atlantic Ocean. Don’t miss the feeding of the seals if you are planning to visit this place.
    • The light house located at the north of Biarritz, this 74 meter high light house is open for the public. To get the exotic view of the sunset you have to climb 248 steps, even if you do not want to climb the steps, still you can have some great views looking down, because the light house is set upon a cliff right next to the water.
    • Old Port around the Port Vieux is the place where the ships used to come and fishermen cut the whales, but now there is a tiny beach, which is sheltered from the winds and waves, offering suitable conditions for swimming and also bars and restaurants. If you want to go for shopping then, this is the perfect point to start for a walk through the town, as you can walk down to Rue du Port Vieux, as there are lots of shops, bars and restaurants.

    Compare Biarritz tourism and travel agencies quotes to avail the best packagesto this beach destination, and cool down your summers with your friends and family, as there is a lot to explore and enjoy life time experience.