• Discover Calabria – Italy’s best kept secret

    If you’re in Calabria, you are sure to get surprised by the wealth of tourist activities this wonderful city has to offer. You are sure to wonder as to why you had never heard about Calabria before or looked for the tour packages Calabria. Well, make most of our trip now that you are here. After all, the countryside of Italy has been its best-kept secret. There are appealing resorts, amazing architecture and interesting sea sides to explore.

    Calabria lies in the Southern Italy and is looked upon as the Caribbean of Europe, what with its Stunning landscape, pristine beaches and rustic charms. There are beautiful hillside towns, Byzantine churches and Greek temples. The mountainous area is teeming with remote villages, and the larger towns are mostly modern. The rural areas carry a lot of historic charms and the Albanian community, and the Greek-speaking villages are a major tourist attraction. Calabria was part of Magna Graecia and therefore the site is filled with rich and powerful Greek colonies. Compare Calabria travel quotes to enjoy the nest travel package.

    Calabria tourist destinations
    Calabria’s summer visitors are attracted by the seaside. While you are in Calabria, you shouldn’t miss the chance to have a look at the amazing collection of Greek and Roman sculptures. There are famous Riace bronzes. Tropea is the most appealing resort in the area, and the lovely seaside town offers great food as well as good views. Scilla and Cosenza are another interesting seaside resort. There are another interesting seaside resort to visit and explore too while on Calabria vacation.

    Hikers and outdoors fans will love the high-level plains with lakes, woodland and rolling hills. Aspromonte offers a rocky backbone to the region. There are plenty of interesting seaside towns between Rome and Sicily as you make a trip through the south of Italy. Look for Calabria cheapest family tour to enjoy the major attractions. You can spend a couple of days in Praia a Mare and have a great time swimming in crystal blue water surrounded by fish. Blue Grotto is a popular caves on Dino Island.

    Calabrese cooking
    The main basic ingredient to Calabrese cooking is pepperoncino, and it tends to be spicy. The Festival del Peperoncino, is a popular festival celebrated by locals and dedicated to the cayenne pepper, the unofficial symbol of Calabria. One can try locally-produced products or taste freshly harvested peppers during the festival. Taste anything from pasta to gelato, made from local and fresh ingredients and with the spicy condiment. Olive oil is added to give the food a little extra zip. Include these foody trips in your best package Calabria. Some of the popular local delicacies are Soppressata, a dried sausage, Alici ripieni- stuffed anchovies, Sardella- a spicy paste made with olive oil, plus some Neapolitan specialties such as Braciole. Calabria is also become fast popular for its wines and the favorite in the region are Greco di Bianco, Donnici, Bivongi, Cirò, Pollino, etc.
    Go ahead and compare Calabria travel quotes with the leading tour operators to plan a great vacation in Calabria.