• Culinary Tours of Italy – Buon Appetito

    When you explore Italy cheapest family tour, you will not only learn about its medieval villages, the Renaissance art or the Roman ruins, but you will also get to see its rustic traditions, the cultural beauty and the great Italian hospitality. And, the best part about Italy is its food. When you compare Italy travel quotes, do not forget to give importance to the cuisine here that Italy is the world famous about. Right from the peaks of the Dolomites to the tip of Sicily, an Italy vacation is all about one incredible feast. The exotic regional cuisines have thrust the country high into the world rankings of culinary arts.

    Just stand anywhere in the bright Italian sunlight, and you can see the flat canals of Venice look like fettuccine or the great Colosseum look like a giant pizza pie. Well, Italy can have your imagination run only around food and exaggerate those gastronomic delights. It is true that there are very few countries in the world that truly celebrate their food and no one respects and loves food like Italy. You are going to learn about the love of food in Italy during your vacation in Italy.

    The Fresh and simple food
    The food is fresh, simple and delicious as the locals buy the freshest produce and ingredients and make the food with that. You will come across wooden stalls spilling over with rosy tomatoes, deep green zucchinis, and the giant eggplants. Feel the natural fragrance of wild mushrooms and rosemary saturating in their air during your tour packages Italy. These are the fresh and perfect ingredients that are known to create the truly robust flavors of Italian foods that you will get to know and love on culinary tours Italy. In fact, you can plan your trip to cooking with the Italy’s top chefs and at the most exquisite restaurants.

    Look for Italy best package from the travel agents that can help you plan the right way to experience Italy’s cuisine and offer you a truly unforgettable experience and opportunities. You learn to shop the way Italians shop in the roadside and outdoor food markets. Feel free to immerse yourself into the tasty culture and return home with some amazing memories. Visit the Amalfi Coast, well famous for its beautiful cliffs and breathtaking views, as well as the delicious piece of gnocchi. Gorge down some amazing food as you gaze over the fantastic Mediterranean views. The memories and taste will dominate your thoughts for the year and making you long to come back for more of the culinary tours in Italy.

    Get to taste the best of savory sauces, handmade pastas, amazing variety of pizza and fresh seafood. When you go sightseeing in the local villages like Positano and Ravello, you not only feast your eyes on the excellent views around, but also get to feast on homemade liqueur made from locally grown lemons. Learn about the traditional cooking methods and secrets to those recipes that have been passed down many generations. All Italians are possessive and proud of their cooking secrets.