• Kangaroo Island – Known for its natural and rugged beauty

    Kangaroo Island is the third-largest island in Australia and lies beyond Tasmania and Melville Island. Snapper Point in Backstair Passage is the closest point to the mainland. Australian Aborigines once occupied it, however, the population disappeared several thousand years ago because of the rising sea levels. It was from early 19th century that we find that the Island was resettled. Look for affordable Kangaroo Island travel quotes if planning a vacation in Australia. It will be a mistake not to visit this amazing destination, if you are holidaying in Australia.

    This is an island that you will never want to leave. You will feel completely disconnected from the world, amidst all that natural, rugged beauty. The island’s economy is based on agriculture and fishery, as well as tourism, too are far gaining importance. There are several nature reserves here to protect the native animals and natural habitat. Go for Kangaroo Island cheapest family tour that covers all the attractions of the island.

    Most popular tourist attractions at Kangaroo Island
    Hundreds and thousands of visitors seek Kangaroo Island best package every year, There is a sharp rise in the number of international visitors, who are mainly from Europe. Let us take a look at some of the most popular tourist attractions.
    Go for ranger-guided walks at Seal Bay and walked among the Australian sea lions basking in the sun.

    • Browse Mount Thisby that honors Matthew Flinders’ unique naming and also offers a fantastic view around the island.
    • Visit Flinders Chase National Park that comprises of Admiral’s Arch, Remarkable Rocks, lighthouses at Cape Borda and a number of walking trails and camping areas for the adventure junkies.
    • Kangaroo Island is known as Important Bird Area (IBA) as it houses some of the most vulnerable and threatened species like fairy tern, bush stone-curlew, western whip bird, purple-gaped honeyeater, rock parrot, etc. You will also come across pied oystercatchers, Pacific gulls, blue-billed ducks, musk ducks, Australian shelducks, etc.
    • Little penguin colonies

    Do not forget to include Little penguin colonies in tour packages Kangaroo Island, and you can find penguin populations here. Although the historic colonies on Kangaroo Island are currently in decline, monitoring regimes by the government have increased.

    Other major attraction during Kangaroo Island vacation is Kelly Hill Caves, Cape Willoughby, and Little Sahara, enormous sand dunes on the south coast. Then, there is Murray Lagoon with its rich aquatic bird life and Parndana Wildlife Park that are particularly popular with the families. Visit the Hanson Bay Wildlife Sanctuary koala, one of the endemic species of emu. Emu became extinct between 1802, and the island is the last refuge of an endangered subspecies.

    Thus, you have plenty to do, see and explore here on the Kangaroo Island. It is like a world you have never seen and a haven for those who want to break away the day-to-day stress of life. Most of the islands is preserved as national parks. The secluded beaches among the pristine surroundings and aquamarine waters will beckon you every year.