• Universal Studios Singapore For An Immersive Entertainment Experience!

    Singapore is a world-famous tourist destination and is loved by not only the travelers across the world, but also the locals. When comparing Singapore travel quotes, you will get spoiled for choice. The fun filled hours of great family entertainment simply never end here in Singapore. You can be a part of its surreal history or catch scenic view of the city from the Singapore Flyer. When looking for the cheapest family tour Singapore, do not forget to include Universal Studios in your vacation package. Exploring the Universal Studios means spending the whole day here, and still there would be so much to left to see.

    This is the only Universal Studio theme park in Southeast Asia that features more than 24 movies- themed rides and attractions. You will come across several themed zones with a picturesque central lagoon. Each zone carries a distinct landscaping, architecture, and entertainments. Experience the wonder of those amazing rides, relax in those peaceful gardens with your family and just get ready for the time of your life, in short words. Look for the best Universal Studios Singapore tour packages to cover the major attractions. After all, it is simply not possible to cover each and every rise and attraction here in a day.

    Before entering the Universal Studio, you need to buy a ticket for the entrance and it will include all attractions in the park. You pay the price of the ticket in Singaporean dollars. One has to pay for their food and drinks inside.

    • The seven exciting zones of Universal Studios Singapore

    Once you step inside the wildly popular Universal Studios, you find yourself getting lost in that jam-packed house of never ending fun.

    • Sci-Fi City

    Enter the city of the future and be a part of the intergalactic battle of good vs. evil. Take the plunge with the Transformers and you will simply get completely taken away by them. The city of the future has certainly arrived.

    • Hollywood

    Experience Hollywood Boulevard, the dynamic architecture, the famous Walk of Fame and you will feel like being in the center of the entertainment universe.It is hard to resist the sparkling glamor of Hollywood or escape the spirit and energy once you are inside.

    • Ancient Egypt

    Those ancient pyramids in Egypt will dazzle you with their enigma, and the Egyptian ride is simply not to be missed. You get transported to 1930s and in the era of Pharaohs tombs and can feel their terrible curses unleashed.

    • The Lost World

    Who can miss the explosive Waterworld show or stay away from the Jurassic Park Rapids? One can go for Jurassic Park and WaterWorld, and each of these zones is based on the two blockbuster movies. You go through the dense tropical forest lurked by the dinosaurs.

    • Madagascar

    Shrek 4-D adventure offers a nice experience while Madagascar will teak you on a sweet little ride. Enter the tropical jungle and see all those wonderful animals like lemurs and foosas.

    Compare Singapore travel quotes and include this package of irresistible fun. This is a myriad of wonders and excitements here that can simply go on and on.