• Glendalough – One of Ireland’s Most Beautiful Visitors’ Destinations

    For hundreds of years, people have always been attracted to Glendalough, not only for its spectacular scenery and archaeology, but also spectacular scenery and abundant wildlife. This is a remarkable place to go to in Ireland that is sure to touch your heart. One of the most important monastic sites, this is a must to include in your vacation in Ireland. Compare Glendalough travel quotes to cover all the attractions of the area. The name Glendalough, when translated, means “The valley of the two lakes”. The land in its prime was known to include churches and monastic cells and most of the buildings and structure you come across today are from the 10th through 12th centuries. There are the famous round tower, stone churches, cathedral, and decorated crosses.
    Here are some major attractions that you can explore during Glendalough vacation.

    • The Gateway

    The Gateway is one of the most significant monuments and the unique in Glendalough, Ireland. The tower is 30 meters high, and it is about 3.5 meters broad at the base. Make sure to include this site in your cheapest family tour Glendalough.

    • St Kevin’s Cross

    The largest, as well as the most unusual of Ireland’s crosses, can be seen at Glendalough. This is carved from one piece of granite and what makes the cross unusual is that it is not perforated through the ring like we find in other High Crosses. Thus, there is no opening through the ring of stone that intersects the cross shaft and arms. This is certainly the only high cross that is pierced. A local legend goes that anyone who can wrap their arms around the complete width of the cross will have their wishes granted. Look for complete tour packages Glendalough that cover all these attractions.

    • St. Kevin’s Bed

    Towards the webs side of the church, we find a small raised platform within a walled enclosure and close to this enclosure is St. Kevin’s Bed. This cave is set in the rock face and is partly man-made and partly natural. The cave in the rock is said to have been a place of solitude for St. Kevin.

    • The Round Tower

    The famous Round Tower is a fine round tower having a circumference of 16 meters at the base, and it is 34 meters high. Even though it is more than 1,000 years old, it is still in a near perfect condition. There were six wooden floors in the Round Tower that were connected by ladders. The tapering roof was rebuilt in 1876 with the stones that had been used originally. Look for Glendalough best package that includes all those major attractions here.

    • The Cathedral and The Priest’s House

    The main building at Glendalough is the cathedral, and it has been through many different phases in the 12th and early 13th centuries. One finds additions like chancel, north door, and sacristy. Just close to the cathedral is the Priests’ House, and the structure have been completely rebuilt with the help of the originally used stones.

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