• Al Ain Zoo and Aquarium – Boasting of Different Animals

    The Al Ain Zoo is spread across 400-hectare in Al Ain and at the foothills of the Jebel Hafeet Mountains. This is the largest zoo in the UAE and is known to house many of the rare, as well as endangered species of animals. When looking for the cheapest family tour UAE, do include the zoo in your itinerary. Al Ain is well-known as the “Garden City of the Gulf, and there are many scenic parks and gardens that are lush with exotic plants. The vibrant city is another reason to see the Al Ain Zoo. Compare UAE travel quotes and make sure to include a trip to Al Ain Zoo, which houses about 4,000 animals.

    Al Ain Zoo and Aquarium was made in 1969, and a major part of the zoo is filled with shady trees and here one can look for a large number of animals roaming about freely.

    • The animals at Ain Zoo

    There are many animals in the zoo, where the exhibits are as close as possible to the animal’s natural environment. There are different zones like the cat house reptile house, aviary, etc. In the cat house, one will find a vast variety of feline species, and there are jaguars, leopards, tigers, lions, pumas, etc. You will also find the almost extinct white lion too in the cat house. The zoo authorities support breeding programs of different endangered animals in the zoo. In the reptile house, you will come across d all kinds of wriggly creatures.

    • This is another attractive part of the Al Ain Zoo and Aquarium. You can watch the 30-minute bird show that features predatory birds and night birds. Other highlights of the zoo include Arabian oryx, the African cat, Arabian gazelle, etc. This is the only aquarium situated in a desert and boasts of hundreds of marine species. Other compounds that are a must to visit are gorilla and monkey compounds.Make sure to get UAE best package that includes a trip to this wonderful attraction.
    • Latest addition to the zoo are one of the rarest species of crocodiles, and it is a group of the world’s smallest crocodiles. The arrival of American dwarf crocodiles is creating quite a flutter at the zoo. These crocodiles weight about 30 kilograms and are no more than .6 meters. One can see the new arrivals at the zoo’s reptile house.

    Look for the top tour packages UAE that include a visit to the zoo, which is just one-and-a-half-hours drive from the International Airport of Abu Dhabi. About 30% of 180 animals species found in the zoo are regarded as endangered. One can take part of the interactive activities in the zoo like riding a camel, feeding the giraffe or simply gazing at the vast green fields that are hard to believe in a parched place like Abu Dhabi. As the weather is pleasant during November to February, one can plan UAE vacation during this time and make a visit during these months.