• Knitting Tours of Ireland among Amazing Landscapes

    Ireland is one of fascinating countries that you will come across. There are stunning landscapes, lush green valleys and colorful villages to explore where ever you look. There is a wealth of natural and cultural wealth here that you are sure to notice when on an Ireland vacation. Ireland has a lot more to offer apart from those exciting tour packages Ireland. You will come across a wealth of Irish crafts and original designs in glass, ceramics, and metal. The traditional crafts that are flourishing here include lace-making, knitting, basketry, and woodwork. If looking for Ireland travel quotes, it is a good idea to arrange for a knitting tour.

    • History of Knitting

    Knitting was introduced in Irish life in the 1600s and has always been an important part of the culture here. It was a source of income for many households in the 18th century. What added to the advantage of the craft here was an abundance of sheep and plenty of time, that encouraged the art to flourish. Soon, there were knitting schools throughout the country, due to the growing popularity of the craft and it became an industry in itself. Till date, Ireland is known to

    Knitting Tours of Ireland among Amazing Landscapes

    produce an abundance of top quality wooly goods. Knitting is a great personal and creative way to create a gift and a great hobby. When looking for Ireland cheapest family tour, one can include the traditional knitting tours in their vacation that will take them to the North and West of Ireland. One can enjoy sightseeing as well as take part in the workshops related to Ireland knitting tour. These tours are very popular among the locals as well as the tourists.

    • North Ireland Knitting Tour

    Include the knitting tour in the best package Ireland. You will not only come across the top attractions of the region, but also get across to the most scenic locations that include a number of knitting workshops and craft demonstrations. One can start with a visit to National Museum of Decorative Arts & History in Dublin, which is a favorite stop for a man. The textile exhibition shows how the Ireland people lived in the past. You stop at Northern Ireland’s famous Linen factories and Tapestry Weavers for a demonstration. At Donegal, you can meet Irish knitwear designer, Edel McBride and enjoy a hands-on knitting class with him. Enjoy further visits to the Sheelin Lace Shop and Museum, Enniskillen Castle and Belleek Pottery studio.

    • South Ireland Knitting Tour

    Get a chance to experience the popular craft in Ireland and get tickets to the Knitting and Stitching Show in the RDS. Knitting has enjoyed a fascinating history with Ireland, and Irish mothers have kept the tradition alive to keep their families warm in winners. You will find the traditional crafts very much alive in Irish people’s homes. This Irish knitting tour during Ireland vacation will help you help you realize the significance of the craft in Ireland. During the tour, you will come across hundreds of craft exhibitors selling stuff that is not to be found in shops. M9oreoer, one can join those workshops to learn about new craft subjects.