• Kilkenny Vacation In A Land Of Castles and Gardens

    Kilkenny still looks awe-inspiring, even though it is more than 400 years old. This is a charming city that is located towards the sunny side of Ireland and just 75 miles from Dublin. In terms of population, this is the smallest city in Ireland. Look for the cheapest family tour Kilkenny that covers all the major attractions here, and there is plenty to do and see here. You will come across massive stone buildings, countless number of castles, abbeys and plenty of arts festivals, theater, comedy and dances going on, that keep the city alive and with toe-tapping energy all around. When comparing Kilkenny travel quotes, make sure to cover all those attractions, and there is plenty to do and see here.

    Kilkenny gets split into two as the River Nore flows through the city, and one will find more points of tourist interests on the west side of the river. The traveler gets to enjoy a vibrant mix of night-life, beautiful views and some great shopping opportunities. Kilkenny boasts of a rich cultural heritage and remains one of the most popular tourist destinations in Ireland. Only, it has become more popular recently and is a weekend getaway for local Irish citizens. Read on to learn what all you can discover during Kilkenny vacation.

    • Kilkenny Castle and Gardens

    Kilkenny is full of castles and gardens. One of the dominant features in the city is the stunning Norman Castle, overlooking the River Nore. The Great Hall is very impressive inside the three sided Castle. There are vast forested gardens in the front and a beautiful rose garden too, and these gardens are free to access. However, one has to pay to see the inside of the castle rooms. Take a self-guided tour or ask for a knowledgeable guide.

    • Go cycling in Kilkenny

    A popular way to explore Kilkenny is to go biking. This is a popular as well as a healthy way of getting in and out. One will come across different cycling paths on the major roads that go through the city and cycling is looked upon as a safe and hassle free way to move around Kilkenny. There are designated bike poles all across the city where one can chain their cycle. Go for mountain biking to get picturesque views and follow the cycle trail along the banks of the river on the grassy towpath. Do include biking when looking at tour packages Kilkenny.

    • Popular buildings

    Kilkenny is full of buildings, cathedrals and other structures that are popular tourist destinations. You can make a visit to the impressive Dominican Abbey, surrounded by the old city walls. It boasts of beautiful stained glass windows, and the Black Freren Gate is the last gate of the city walls that is surviving. Rothe House too is popular among the tourists, and the unique merchant’s house is made of three houses that were built in the 16th Century. St. Canice’s Cathedral is well over 800 years ago, and the impressive Cathedral, and its tower are one of the main attractions here. The Round Towers offer an amazing view of Kilkenny.