• The Aran Islands – Offering the Most Beautiful Scenery in the World

    If you have still not been to Aran Islands, then you must plan an Ireland vacation this year to make a visit to these islands that have a lot to offer. There are three islands – Inis Mór Island (Big Island), Inis Oírr Island (East island) and Inis Meáin Island (Middle island). These islands are famous for their geographical formation, cultural heritage, and historical monuments. The native islanders speak both English and Irish. Compare tour packages Ireland and enjoy your stay on the Aran Islands. These rocky islands offer one of the most beautiful sceneries in the world. While the tourists frequent the East and the Big islands, the middle island is the least visited.

    • Look for Ireland travel quotes that cover the major attractions of Aran Islands. There are plenty of reasonably priced taxis and mini-bus tours available on the islands. Get a local guide and trace back the history of the islands that goes back generations. The flat path to Dun Aonghasa is one of the most popular bike rides in Ireland.
    • Inter-Island tours

    One will come across inter-island ferries that run during the peak season. However, during the off –season, one will take a different boat out to go between islands. Doolin based ferries run during the summer season between all Aran Islands, but they take a circular route. Go for the cheapest family tour Ireland that covers the islands.

    • Forts and Castles

    Dun Aengus fort overlooks the Atlantic on the Aran Islands and is located at a height of 100 meters on the edge of a cliff. The citadel covers an approximate area of 50 meters and with thick walls of stones that have chambers, wall walks and flights of stairs as well. However, there is no safety fencing around the site, and many tourists are surprised to learn of this.

    • The O’Brien’s Castle was taken by the O’Flaherty clan from the O’Briens and was built in the 14th century. The Dun Eoghanachta and Dun Eochla can be viewed from the main road. The Black Fort is a popular tourist attraction but much less accessible, as it is situated on the opposite coast of the island. The fort is enclosed by cliffs and offers a much different experience than Dun Aengus.
    • Shopping at Aran Islands

    There is plenty to do and see on the Aran Islands, but there is plenty to shop here for. The Aran Sweater Market offers a huge collection of the world-famous Aran sweaters and is one of the major attraction here among the shoppers. One gets to see the craftwork of the Aran knitters & designers and the industry has become the primary export for this tight-knit community.

    Explore Ireland best package and reach the Aran Islands that offer a picturesque sceneries and views all around and an incredible history that is thousands of years old. This is the most popular tourist destination in Ireland; and you will find more tourists here as compared to the local inhabitants. Go ahead and visit the beautiful Aran Islands this year!