• Explore Ankara To Cross The Border Of History

    Ankara is the second-largest city of Turkey as well as its second-largest city after Istanbul. It is located at the center of both Turkey and Central Anatolia and is a vast university town. The sprawling, modern city has a lot to offer to its visitors and tourists. Look for the cheapest family tour Ankara and get ready for a fascinating holiday in Turkey. The presentable Turkish city is expanding and carries a modern character with those wide streets lined with coffee shops. The ancient walls of the city offer you a glimpse of architectural styles through the ages. There is plenty to and see here in the city of Ankara.

    Landmarks of Ankara

    • Atakule Tower

    This is one of the tallest structures of the city, and one can get a good views of the city from the observation desk in the top of the tower. There is a shopping mall located under the tower.

    • Anıtkabir

    The Museum of Ataturk is located inside Anitkabir and houses a huge collection of Atatürk memorabilia and paraphernalia. The Museum of War of Independence offers panoramic views of the war fields. These museum are highly respected by Turks and are visited by millions every year. Include these trips in your cheapest family tour Ankara.

    • Ankara Castle

    Ankara Castle is a medieval citadel that stands on a high hill that overlooks Ankara. The best way to explore the castle is on foot, and there are several historic buildings on the inner side. You can get panoramic views of Ankara from the castle walls. There are cafes, restaurants and souvenir shops in the castle.

    • Roman Baths

    The Roman Baths are placed on Cankiri Caddesi and date back to the 3rd century AD. There are heating system, dressing room, the hot room, the warm room and the cold room in those Baths.

    • Hacı Bayram Mosque

    The mosque is located next to Augustus Temple and was first built in 1427. The current structure you see had been modified in the 17th and 18th centuries. The interiors are impressive with wooden ceiling and adorned with Kutahya tiles. Just next to the mosque is Haci Bayram’s memorial tomb.

    • Ataturk Forest Farm and Zoo

    This is a vast recreational area that is made of zoo, farms, and some good restaurants. Locals and tourists come here for hiking and cycling. Do not forget to taste the home brewed ice cream and beer. Other attractions are char-grilled kebabs.

    • The architecture of Ankara has been affected by the republican revolutions. Other historic mosques to visit are Tacettin Sultan Mosque, Karacabey Mosque, Haci Mussa Mosque and Mehmet Akif Ersoy. During Ankara vacation, do not forget to visit the Art Street and Hand Crafts Market that is full of shops selling souvenirs and the local art crafts. The Hand Crafts Market is where you will find the crafts. If you want to get a feeling of what an Ottoman town looked like centuries ago, then visit Hamamönü. Take a sip of Turkish coffee and just sit along with the local folks. You will not find alcohol in the restaurants because of the conservative Turkish taste.

    Ankara may get overshadowed by the city of Istanbul, but it is no less when it comes to quality tourist attractions. Look for the best package Ankara this year from leading tour operators and embark on a great holiday of your life.