• The Nile Valley With The Mighty Nile And Astounding Sites

    Egypt is well famous for the gift of the Nile, as the fertile, populous country would not have been there without the existence of Nile. The Black Land of dark alluvium is where the ancient Egyptians created their homeland. Nile is the longest river in the world and stretches for approximately 4,000 miles, flowing from the mountains to the south towards the Mediterranean in the north. It is served by the White Nile, the Blue Nile and the Atbara from its sources. Look for the exciting tour packages Nile Valley to learn more about the amazing river and explore the major attractions. It has rightly earned the reputation of the largest open-air museum in the world. Compare Nile Valley travel quotes and look for the cheapest family tour that cover the major attractions in the Nile Valley.

    • You will find that almost every town in the Nile Valley is built upon previous settlements and those ancient monuments, scores of temples, and several thousand tombs will take you back in time. Let us take a look at some of the major attractions in the Nile Valley.
    • Aswan

    This is a great place to explore, and the idyllic city will take you away from the chaos of Cairo and in the country’s epic history. One can explore the ruins of the Temple of Khnum and take a traditional wooden felucca around Elephantine Island. The astounding sites can be explored by the visitors as they take a cruise ship or float on a felucca boat. You will feel like in the land from storybooks as you gaze at those white sails of feluccas ferrying tourists across charming Nubian villages and the golden backdrop of sandy mountains.

    • Luxor Temple

    Luxor lies in the heart of Nile River Valley, and you will find that majority of the remains of ancient Egypt are in and around Luxor. Karnack Temple, one of the amazing feats of construction is known as the jewel of Luxor. For centuries, every pharaoh here tried to outdo the earlier one when building sphinxes, columns, statues, etc. Luxor is made of 500 sq. mt. hypostyle hall and surrounded by 134 columns that are 26 metres high. The site is much larger than any other ancient religious site in the world.

    • The Blue Nile Falls

    The Blue Nile Falls are an icon throughout Ethiopia, as well as the second highest, falls in Africa. There are stunning grassy mountains, and as one goes downstream, one comes across dramatic jungle walls with an abundance of game. You will also get to see the infamous Nile Crocodile, as well as baboons, hippos, and a lot more.

    When one cruises on the Nile during their vacation in Nile Valley, they are bound to pass by other significant sites like the Karnak, Dendera and Abydos with their grand temples. There are plenty of temples at Esna, Edfu, Kom Ombo and a lot more. There is no denying that Nile is the Heart of the ancient as well as the modern Egypt. Look for the best package Nile Valley to cover all those adventurous sites and major attractions. In order to enjoy the Valley to the full, one should mix sightseeing with felucca river rides and roam around in bazaars and camel markets. One can easily travel to Luxor or Aswan by train and