• Exploring the Culinary Culture of Turkey

    Turkish culinary culture is not only one of the most expansive but also considered to be one of the best in the world. Look for those tour packages Turkey that let you get a taste of the variety of amazing recipes and the rich flavors in Turkey. When speaking of the cuisine in Turkish, it competes well with the other cuisines of the world such as Chinese, Italian and French. You will always get pleasantly surprised by the cuisine here during Turkey vacation.

    • Passionate about food

    Turks have always been known to be passionate about food, and what is striking about Turkish cuisine is the immense diversity of its flavors and the never ending recipes. You will find influences from all parts of the former Ottoman Empire over the food here. Every region of Turkey boasts of its own specialties. As you move south and east, the food will get spicier and richer. However, when you travel to the west, you will come across prevalent use of seafood, olive oil, and vegetable dishes. When you compare Turkey travel quotes, keep the Turkish culinary culture in mind.

    • All celebrations and social occasions in Turkey place a great emphasis on food. Families and friends share homemade meals to celebrate religious or celebratory feasts. You will find that even the roadside sellers sell great food made from fresh and, local ingredients and seasonal produce. Your family tour Turkey is not complete till you have not been a part of the Turkey culinary culture and understood the heart of its cooking culture.
    • Turkish Drinks

    Do not forget to taste the world famous Turkish drinks and make them an important part of Turkey best package. One will come across both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. The traditional alcoholic drinks are Raki, which is an aniseed based spirit, and you can also enjoy other local drinks such as beer, vodka, whiskey, brandy and gin.

    • Among the non-alcoholic drinks, you will find it hard to resist the flavorsome and aromatic
      Turkish tea. Have it when it is freshly brewed. Another pleasure, to indulge in, is Turkish coffee, and this is a perfect way to round up any meal. Other popular soft drinks include peach nectar and cherry juice.
    • Turkish Foods

    A popular part of Turkish diet are those soups, and these can be had any time of the day. Some of the favorites with the locals and tourists are Domates, Iskembe, Mercimek, Yayla and Dugun. You will come across a big diversity of vegetable dishes, and some good examples are Yaprak Sarma, Turkish Meze and Taze Fasulye. Kuru Fasulye, Imam Bayildi, Kofte, Karniyarik and Manti are popular Turkish dishes with meat. When you travel to Turkey, you will be amazed at the variety of local Fast foods such as Arnavut Nigeria, Lahmacun, Doner Kebab, Kokorec, Midye Tava, Kumpir, etc.

    If you have not tasted those delicious Turkish Kebabs, you have not enjoyed your vacation in Turkey to the full. The most popular known Turkish kebabs are Iskender Kebab, Sis Kebab, Doner Kebab and Adana Kebab. And, don’t forget to taste those delightful Turkish desserts and sweets such as Sobiyet, Sutlac,Baklava, Kadayif, , Asure, Tavuk Gogsu and a lot more.