• Experience the Natural Richness of Sinai, Its Sandy Beaches and Great Wild Life

    Ever since time immemorial, the prime gateway between Africa and Asia has been the Sinai peninsula. The region has always been prized for its mineral wealth as well as a strategic position. Sinai is also respected as the site of God’s revelation to Moses and the flight of the Holy Family. Both Western and Eastern history have touched Sinai, in one way or another. Today, it is also a popular tourist zone and one should look for the best tour packages Sinai
    So as to cover the major attractions here.

    • Sinai is beautiful as well as dramatic and is home to rich flora and fauna. With the completion of the Suez Canal, the strategic importance of Sinai has only increased with time. Get ready for an exciting Sinai vacation with your family and loved ones. When you compare Sinai to the mainland Egypt, you may experience a culture shock. Sinai can be amazingly laid back and hassle-free.
    • Hiking up Mt. Sinai

    Trekking the biblical mountain, which is more than 2280 m high is an experience in itself. There is something awe-inspiring about the spiritual, natural and mystical journey you take. During the night time, one sees a candle lit trail of pilgrims following the rocky path under a starry night marching up to Mount Sinai. One can reach Mount Sinai via a camel path and use the stairs route built by the monastery monks for the descent. The pilgrims aim to reach the site of the Burning Bush where the Gods are believed to have delivered the Ten Commandments.

    • Desert safari

    Sinai is mostly wilderness and is home to remarkable plants and wildlife. A major part of the plant life in Egypt thrives in this area. You will find the world’s smallest butterfly – Sinai Baton Blue here. During your desert safari on camel or jeep, you will come across other species such as rabbit-like hyrax, Hyenas, ibex, etc. Get exciting insights into Bedouin culture as you explore those lush oases and remote springs. Look for the cheapest family tour Sinai that include those safaris.

    • Jebel Rabba

    If you are looking for a great climb that is full of different challenges, then head straight for Jebel Rabba. Conquering the peak of the old mountain is achievable even for the new climbers, and there is help available, should you need it. Jebel Rabba is located over a Bedouin village, and the local Bedouins can offer transportation and act as guides.

    • Ras Safsafa

    Ras Safsafa towers over a Bedouin village and offers an excellent view of the Sinai peaks. There are several routes to reach the top, and one can take the Bedouin guides for help and transportation for their hike. Look for Sinai best package to include those attractions in your trip.

    You will discover that traditional attitudes exist in the historic Sinai region that borders Egypt’s with Israel, and the peninsula gets separated by the Suez Canal and the Red Sea from the rest of Egypt. Discover amazing snorkeling and diving sites. Compare different travel quotes Sinai to land the best tour package for Sinai.