• The Austere Kazan with A Visual Confection Of Architecture And Spiritual Inclination

    Kazan holds the title of “The Third Capital of Russia” because of its deep culture and rich history along with a strong economic influence. After Moscow and St. Petersburg, you talk about Kazan in Russia. There are plenty of tour packages Kazan to pick from and design an amazing holiday. Recently, the city has earned the reputation of a sports city because of its investments and involvement in this domain. The city will host FINA World Aquatics Sports Championship in 2015 and FIFA World Cup in 2018. This is certain to enhance the city’s image further and boost the tourism sector. Compare Kazan travel quotes to get the best holiday package in Kazan.

    • Kazan is known to blend Muslim and Christian cultures peacefully and has both Russian and Tatar populations. This vibrant city makes for an excellent travel destination, and there is as steady rise of tourist here every year. There is plenty to do here, whether it is the Volga Cruises, Country Houses or Health Resorts. Get ready to explore unforgettable impressions of historical and cultural sights during the trip.
    • There are a number of various events that one can enjoy during their vacation in Kazan such as ballet festival, international opera, music festivals and a must-see is the Sabantuy – tartar summer festival that is held in June. Tourists can ride on the double-decker buses that circulate the city and will take you to the historical landmarks and main attractions of the city.
    • Bauman Street

    This is a pedestrian zone that extends between the Kremlin and Tokai Square and is lined with souvenir shops, boutiques, kiosks, cafes, and bars. There is plenty to do here and shop for.

    • Kazan Kremlin

    Enter the Kremlin through the white clock tower and explore the reconstructed Kremlin, which was once a Tatar fortress. You can see the Russian influence and reminiscent of other Russian cities in the parapets and watchtowers. Include the trip in Kazan vacation.

    • Kul-Sharif Mosque

    The Kul-Sharif Mosque has been entitled after the 16th-century Tatar imam and is located within the Kremlin walls and is today a symbol of multicultural harmony. The entry to the mosque is free, and only men can go to the prayer hall on the ground. The Muslim women go to the second floor to pray.

    • Shopping in Kazan

    Kazan is a mix of Tatar culture and ethnic color, and the tourists can look through plenty of souvenirs that include items with scenes from Tatar folk tales, mosque collectibles, and many others. The most common souvenir is a national male headwear “Tubeteika”. Tatar handicrafts are well known for their unique leather art and tanning and the craftsmen here make use of ancient technologies to create amazing items like bags, slippers, shoes, etc. Popular shopping and entertainment centers include “Mega”,”Koltso”,”TSUM” and a lot more. Include all those trips in Kazan best package.

    Look for the cheapest family tour Kazan to get a taste of the Kazan adventure and enrich your experience with the sites and architecture you come across here.