• Sochi – The ‘Summer Capital of Russia with Warm Sunny Days on Amazing Beaches

    Sochi lies at the southernmost point of Russia and is located along the Black Sea coast. Unofficially known as the ‘Summer Capital’ of Russia, the sea resort attracts millions of visitors every year. After all, it is hard to resist those endless shingle beaches set against the blue seas and amazing coastline. The bustling nightlife and warm sunny days on the beach will keep you busy the day and nights. Plan a great Sochi vacation his year and come back with some unforgettable memories.

    Sochi surprised the world when it won the 2014 Winter Olympic bid, as it is looked upon a southern part of Russia that is warmer. Compare Sochi travel quotes to get the best package. This is an amazing part of Russia, and you will love the wonderful year-round weather. You can visit during the long autumns or the warm and humid summers. Things are moving fast in Russia and for the positive.

    • The main attractions in Sochi

    Sochi boasts of the biggest looping roller coasters in the world, and it has the only theme park in Russia outside Moscow.

    • The modern-period architecture

    You will come across Empire Style buildings from Stalinist period and the modern period architecture consist of a number of monumental buildings around Greater Sochi. Some good examples are Sochi Art Museum, The Winter Theatre, Sochi seaport, Sochi central train terminal, Metallurg, Lazarevskoe, etc.

    • Stalin’s Summer Residence

    Stalin’s Summer Residence is a museum now and lies in the Khosta district. Inside, you will find Stalin’s waxwork and several personal belongings of Stalin.

    • Loo temple

    This is another Byzantine site and located on the hilltop away from the sea. It was first built during 10-12 centuries, reconstructed in the 14th century and changed into a fortress in 15-16 centuries. Include these sites in your cheapest family tour Sochi.

    • Godlik fortress

    This is the remain of a Byzantine triangle fortress that was built in 4-5 centuries in the Lazarevskoe district. You can still see the part of limestone walls and the remaining towers.

    • Riviera Park

    This is the biggest public park of Greater Sochi and is an all-season sight. There are a number of restaurants, bars, sports facilities, cinema and other attractions. You will come across frequent concerts and festivals in the Green Theatre of the park. Include these parks in Sochi best package.

    • Zoos and Aquariums

    Visit Sochi Discovery World Aquarium, which is the largest in Europe and carries an impressive variety of marine species. Here, you can have a look at the wide variety of Russia’s freshwater species. There is another Aquarium and Marine Zoo in Khosta district where you can feed animals such as penguins, hippopotamus, sharks, etc. Oceanarium at Yegorova is a centrally located aquarium.

    • Mount Akhun

    Visit Mount Akhun, to get a great panoramic view of the city, and you can even see the remote Turkish coast if the weather is clear. Agurskoe Canyon is a popular destination here surrounded by high cliffs and beyond the waterfalls, you can explore the caves in the Eagle Rock.

    Look for different tour packages Sochi with leading tour operators to get the most out of your visit to Sochi, the amazing part of Russia.