• Enjoy The Festivals In Egypt With The Fusion Of So Many Culture And Traditions

    Egypt has a lot to offer to its visitors and tourists. Here, you will come across a perfect fusion of different cultures and traditions. Egypt is like a melting pot of various culture and ethnic traditions that readily imbibes the modern culture too. Look for the right tour packages Egypt that allow you to see the real side of Egypt, its culture and tradition. Egyptians are very friendly toward the foreigners and tourists. The tourists get drawn by the friendly behavior of the

    people of Egypt apart from the excellent travel attractions it has to offer. Compare Egypt travel quotes from different tour operators to learn about its festival and culture.

    Although Egypt is mostly Muslim nation, one will come across a large minority of Christians and other religions. This is the reason you will find the country a great destination for religious and cultural festivals. During those festivals and celebrations, people come out into the streets, dancing and enjoying in their traditional costumes.

    Let us take a look at some of the major festivals that you can be a part of during Egypt vacation.

    • Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr

    Ramadan is an important and holy month of fasting during which all Muslims abstain from eating, drinking and smoking. Greater part of the day is spent in prayer and spiritual contemplation. Eid al-Fitr is the first day of Ramadan, and there are celebrations all night after people break their fast. Families and friends get together to rejoice and enjoy,
    exchanging gifts and sweets.

    • Coptic Christmas

    Most Egyptians celebrate Christmas and join in the festivities, especially in Cairo and other Coptic regions. Homes and businesses, streets and shops are decorated with colorful lights. Join the celebrations on January 7, when people gather to celebrate and enjoy the traditional meal of rice, garlic and fata, a meat soup.

    • Moulid an-Nabi

    This is a major Islamic festival and is about the birth of the prophet Mohammed. There are parades and processions through the day in the cities. The streets are filled with musicians, drummers and dancers. Families gather together to exchange gifts and greet each other. They enjoy traditional sweets like halawet el-moulid and candy dolls as well as hummus.

    • Sham al-Naseem

    Egyptians of all religions get together to Sham al-Naseem to mark the coming of spring on March 21. Families go to the parks or towards the countryside to spend the day picnicking. Many take a boat trip on the Nile and enjoy their picnic baskets filled with picnic baskets such as pickled fish, midamis, fuul, etc.

    • Leylet en Nuktah

    Modern Egyptians still worship the Nile like the ancient Egyptians on June 17. Modern Egyptians camp along the river Nile and spend the night out on the streets. Women place balls of dough outside for each person in the house and make predictions for the longevity and fortune of each person based on the cracks.

    Look for the cheapest family tour Egypt and discover other festivities that take place in Egypt like the Pharaohs Rally, Egyptian Yoga Festival, Dahab Bedouin Festival, and a lot more.