• Food and Drink to Enjoy In Egypt

    Egypt has the lot to offer to its tourists. There are adventures in the desert and classic tours of Ancient as well as the modern Egypt. There is plenty to do and see here. Compare Egypt travel quotes with different tour operators to plan a great holiday here with your loved ones. One thing that you should not miss on your Egypt vacation is the local Egyptian food. The dining experience can range from stand-up food bars on the streets to those luxurious five-course meals in expensive restaurants. The local snack bars are good and safe, and you come face to face with the local delicacies. In the larger towns, it is common to come across Western-style fast-food chains such as Kentucky Fried Chicken and McDonald!

    • Egyptian Meals

    The natives start their day with breakfast of beans, cheeses, pickles and jams. A siesta follows the lunch, and the locals enjoy a British-style tea before ending the day with a light supper late in the evening. Dinner parties are often held late. The restaurants in Egypt will be as good as the cooks they employ. Most establishments make use of native ingredients, and one can enjoy the fruits and vegetables that are in season. Look for the cheapest family tour Egypt that lets you enjoy the best dining experience while in Egypt. You will find that the menus are in both Arabic and English, and the staff speaks English in the larger restaurants.

    At the popular restaurants, you will come across servings of Egyptian, Middle Eastern and international cuisine. There are 24-hour coffee shops. Italian and French food is especially popular among the upper-middle and elite classes. It is not uncommon to come across Mexican and American restaurants, as well as plenty of sandwich bars. In the recent times, we find Japanese and Sushi restaurants frequently opening and serving the locals as well as the tourists. Indian and Chinese food too is gaining popularity here. At the Egyptian-style restaurants, you get to taste the delicious basic meat and fava-bean dishes.

    • The snack bars

    You will never run out of those snack bars, and there are plenty throughout Egypt. It is here that you can get to taste the authentic Egyptian version of the fast food. These are the outlets to aim for if looking for quick, inexpensive, and nutritious meals. You can get roasted chickens,
    lamb cooked on a vertical split, shawirma (Gyros),, etc.
    do not forget to enjoy those during Egypt best package.

    • Native Foods in Egypt

    Egyptian food reflects the different cultures that have been a part of its history. The dishes carry a mark of Lebanese, Palestinian, Turkish, Greek and Syrian traditions and may be modified to suit Egyptian customs, and tastes. You will find the best cooking in the smaller towns, and most of the cuisine is delicious. The mainstay of Egyptian diets is the bread, and the most common is a pita and Aysh shams bread that can be stuffed with any of several fillings and becomes the Egyptian sandwich. The summer vegetable, Molokhiyya is distinctively Egyptian.

    • Home cooked meals in Egypt

    Do not miss the chance if you are invited to dine in an Egyptian home. You can carry flowers and chocolates for your Egyptian host. Depending upon the family’s customs, the group can split up for cocktails that are nonalcoholic. The food is set in the middle of the table, and it is considered gracious if you compliment the hostess on her cooking. Later, you will be served mint tea or coffee.