• Solovetsky Islands– The True Pearl Of the Russia

    Solovetsky Islands are a group of islands that lie in the White Sea and are referred to as the true pearl of the Russian north. The archipelago is about hundred miles below the Arctic Circle. Compare different Russia travel quotes and land the best Solovetsky Islands package to explore the region. What will take your breath away is breathtaking scenery of the unspoiled nature. These islands are famous for religious and archeological structures as well as the monasteries.

    The six islands are sparsely populated, but there are several tour packages Solovetsky Islands Russia that reflect the popularity of the islands among the tourists. It was around 12-13th centuries when the habitation of the Karelian coast White Sea began. The fishermen and hunters settled in the area and the next to come in were the monks.

    • Solovetsky Monastery

    This is one of Russia’s most famous and holy monasteries and a major reason the pilgrims come here. The monastery was founded in the 15th century and were used as a naval base. The monastery is today home to few monks, and other parts of the monastery buildings and churches remain under renovation. Today, it is a World Heritage Site, museum and set in one of breathtaking natural beauty. Do not forget to include a trip to the monastery in the cheapest family tour Russia.

    • Solovetsky Fortress

    Solovetsky Fortress has thick walls and eight towers made of giant wild boulders and can reach up to a thickness of 6 meters. In order to protect the Fortress, one can see several household structures, cathedrals and churches situated inside.

    • Annunciation Church

    This is one of the most intact building on the islands and among the monasteries. It was built around the end of the 16th century and consist of tombs of the saintly founders of the monastery. Climb to the top of the building to enjoy breathtaking views of the beautiful nature around.

    • Solovetsky Gulag history museum

    The building of Gulag history museum belonged to Solovetsky prison. Solovetsky Prison of Special Purpose and Solovetsky Camp of Special Purpose were placed here from 1923 till 1939.

    • Botanical garden and desert Makarevskaja»

    The trip can take anywhere from three to five hours, but the tourists will get to see one of the most northern botanical gardens of Russia. It is located on the territory of earlier desert Makarevskoj. There are unique plants and monuments that belong to the different historical periods of Solovetsky Island. Go to the top of Alexander’s Mountain to get a plentiful view of the Solovetsky Monastery. Include all those attractions in Solovetsky Islands best package.

    • Lakes and channels

    The visitors can take a boat trip on a small circle of the lake and go along the man-made channels that connect five lakes. During excursion, you get to learn about constructions of the Big Solovetsky Island, as well as the hydraulic engineering monuments.

    Solovetsky Islands Russia vacation will offer you a combination of spirituality, nature and wilderness that is hard to find anywhere else. This is one of the few locations where the nature remains pure and untouched.