• The Natural Attractions in Turkey – Exciting Outdoors Experiences

    Turkey is a country where excitement can never end for the tourist and travelers. There are very few other locations in the world that have so much to offer at one place. Look for exciting tour packages Turkey that allow you to experience the enormous variety of natural attractions. The country is teeming with nature parks, natural protection areas and natural wetlands. Browse through those ancient historical places, high mountainous areas and underwater wonders on the cheapest family tour Turkey. Compare Turkey travel quotes from the leading tour operators to exploring the bountiful nature turkey has to offer.

    • National Parks

    Turkey’s natural heritage is made of a rich variety not only for its own but the future generations. When it comes to official national parks, there are forty-one national parks in Turkey. Look for Turkey best package that covers the majority of that variety of landscapes. The National parks are of particular importance for the wildlife in the Parks such as predators, birds of prey and wild reindeer. Some of these species are threatened with extinction, and many are at a risk of human intervention. Turkey’s National Parks look after the endangered species and their habitats. Some of the most popular names are Aladaglar National Park, Baskomutan Historical National Park, Bird Paradise National Park, Gala Lake National Park, Mount Gulluk National Park, Sultan Sazligi National Park and a lot more.

    • Natural Protection Areas

    Along with the national parks, one can also visit the Natural Protection Areas during the Turkey vacation. These have been made especially to protect the endangered species of flora and fauna as well as used for educational studies. These protection areas are smaller than national parks thus making for more effective protection. There are 35 areas that have been preserved to safeguard the endangered species of flora and fauna and use them for scientific research and educational studies. Some of the Natural Protection Areas are Yumurtalik Nature Reserve, Efeler Forest Nature Reserve, Dibek Nature Reserve, Gorgit Nature Reserve, Gurgen Mountain Nature Reserve, Haciosman Forest Nature Reserve, Sirtlandagi Halep Pine Forest Nature Reserve, etc.

    • Natural Wetlands

    Turkey is among the few countries in Europe and the Middle East that is the richest country in wetlands. There are more than three hundred wetland areas in Turkey that boast of ecological richness. The wetlands shelter more than 25.000 water birds. Some of the well-known wetlands are Sultan Sazligi, Izmir Bird Paradise, Manyas Bird Paradise in Balikesir, Goksu Delta, Seyfe Lake, Camalti Tuzlasi, Uluabat Lake and many more. The migrating birds need a protected shelter and a place to rest and these wetlands work towards protecting many rare species of birds. Currently, one will find about 460 species of bird in the Turkey wetlands.
    Plan your Turkey vacation based on those natural attractions here and explore the rich ecological diversity found in turkey.