• Picardy- The Heart of European History with Impressive and Finest Sites

    Compare Picardy travel quotes this year and plan a great vacation to this fabulous part of France. Located in the center of Western Europe and forming a triangle between Amsterdam, London and Paris. This is an area that is very rich in history and has seen some of the most famous encounters in French and European history. The modern region of Picardy has seen the rule of the Spanish, the Habsburgs, the English and the French. Look for some exciting tour packages Picardy to cover the great tourist attractions the region has to offer. The region boasts of many fine churches and cathedrals.

    • Those wide open nature spaces

    Those who love nature and its wide open spaces are sure to love Picardy. You will enjoy meeting the new people and appreciate the local culture and heritage. Carrying a great history of royal dynasties, Picardy vacation will be shaded by the rich history and the colorful traditions. Explore those beautiful green valleys and scenic coasts. The fruitful forests are must visit. Look for the best package Picardy to enjoy all the attractions the region has to offer. As for the adventurous travelers, Picardy won’t disappoint as there is a lot to do. One can indulge in yachting, hiking, kayaking, horse trekking, etc. If you love watching birds, visit the Marquenterre Ornithological Park. Nature reserve enthusiasts and botany enthusiasts can remain busy for hours in the parks and gardens such as Gardens of Valloires.

    • Go back in History

    Carrying a rich spiritual heritage, the Picardie region has several cathedrals, castles, monuments and churches from its famous past. Some good examples are the Abbey of Saint-Michel-en-Thiérache, the cathedrals of Laon and Noyon, Senlis Cathedral, Royal Abbey of Chaalis, Saint-Quentin Basilica, the abbeys of Prémontré and Saint-Riquier, and a lot more. The Bouffon Celebrations, Medieval Feast of Eaucourt and the Medievals of Laon showcase the region’s rich history and will recreate the medieval life for you. Do not forget to pay a visit to the Castle of Condé Castle of Pierrefonds and the Castle of Condé. Cover all those events and tourist attractions during cheapest family tour Picardy.

    • What you can do in Picardy

    One of the major equestrian events here is the Prix de Diane and the Chantilly Jockey-Club. Stay back in Picardy to enjoy sound and light show of Coucy-le-Chateau or the colorful Days of the Rose in the Abbey of Chaalis. The grandiose light shows and fusion of colors get displayed at the Notre-Dame Cathedral of Amiens. Other popular destinations include Samara, Sea of Sand and Saint-Paul Amusement Park.

    Picardy is not only known for its rich history, but also because of its great culinary artists. Enjoy the local and traditional specialties such as the Picardie Ficelle, duck pâté pie, eel and mussels, rabbit with prunes, and a lot more. Get to taste some of its gastronomic delicacies such as the caghuse , made of simmered pork, Lords of Coucy rissoles that are pastry croquettes or the soissoulet, which is a stew made with beans from Soissons.