• The Legendary Trans-Siberian Railway – A Journey of A Life Time

    The Trans-Siberian Railway is the longest rail system in Russia that stretches across more than 9.000 km from Moscow to Vladivostok. It holds great importance today and from the imperial history of the Russian Empire, economically and militarily. Look for exciting and cheapest family tour Trans-Siberian Railway this year for a Vacation in Russia. After all, this is a great way to see the massive country. Life on the rails can be very fascinating as you pass through endless forests of birch and pine, and those vast steppes. The full rail trip will take about eight days. Those who get into the rhythm of the Trans-Siberian Railway will discover an experience here which is never to be forgotten.

    • What is the Trans-Siberian?

    The Trans-Siberian Railway is just one fragment of the enormous Russian railway network and connects Chinese rail network at one end and the European rail network at the other. Thus, it does much more than simply connecting Moscow with Vladivostok. One can travel in either direction on land, between London, Paris or anywhere in Europe and China, Japan, Korea towards the other direction. Compare Trans-Siberian Railway travel quotes to plan a great journey.

    • When to go and is it safe?

    Trans-Siberian is perfectly safe, and even females can travel solo. After all, Russian families and women have been travelling this way for years. Trans-Siberian Railway runs all year round, and that means you can look for Trans-Siberian Railway best package at any time of year. However, the best weather is during the summer months that extend from May to September. The trains are warmly heated during the winters, and it is easier to get the tickets. You can gaze at the beautiful Siberian landscape covered in snow. One can travel Trans-Siberian Railway either in the east direction or west. This is a great way to see the massive country.

    • What are the costs and the duration?

    When comparing Trans-Siberian Railway tour packages, you will find that the cheapest fare lies at around £470-£550. The train tickets for London-Moscow will cost around £200. One should also consider the costs involving the visas for Russia, China and Mongolia along with the travel insurance. Every passenger will have his own budget and how he wants to travel. A trip from London to Beijing can take about ten days, and if you plan to go till Ulan Bator in Mongolia, it will take 15 days. London to Tokyo takes about 14 days, and one could reach Bangkok in around 20 days.

    • The epic train journey

    Cover almost one-third of the world as you travel from Vladivostok to the heart of Moscow. Travel to the remote shores of Lake Baikal’s from the Mongolian steppe and, trace the history of tsars. Watch those snow-capped Ural Mountains from the comfort of the luxury train. Explore the unique architecture and remote cultures of Siberia’s wooden cottages or gaze at Moscow’s onion domes.

    There is no other train that can take you across the whole expanse of land across Siberia.