• Visit Versailles Today- The National Heritage Spot Rich In French History, Art and Culture.

    Versailles has been a UNESCO World Heritage site ever since 1979. It is here where you come face to face with the French history, art and culture. The city attracts millions of tourists annually. If planning a vacation, look for the best package Versailles, which is one of the major tourist attractions in France. The town was founded by the will of King Louis XIV and became the cradle of the French Revolution. After losing its royal city status, it became the regional capital. It is well known for the numerous treaties such as the Treaty of Paris and the Treaty of Versailles. Compare different travel quotes Versailles to enjoy a great holiday.

    Versailles is today a wealthy suburb of Paris and is situated in the western suburbs of the French capital. The gardens of Versailles and the Château de Versailles are well known UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It enjoys its position as an affluent suburb of Paris in recent times and musical groups such as Phoenix and Daft Punk are commonly seen on the Paris artistic scene. It also happens to be one of the richest cities near Paris.

    Look at different Versailles tour packages to include the following touristic attractions.

    • The Palace

    This is one of the primary cultural attraction during Versailles vacation and carries great historic significance. The vast royal palace and gardens were built by King Louis XIV and were a royal hunting lodge. The Palace of Versailles is also referred to as The Château de Versailles and is the site of several historic events.

    • Tour of the château

    Consider taking a tour of the château and browse different points within of interest within the palace and grounds. There are a number of activities to enjoy such as train ride, cycling, rowing boat, etc. The mini-train will take you to the entire grounds, and this is an efficient way to cover the area. Enjoy the guided tours of the Palace of Versailles as well as the château during cheapest family tour Versailles. It is a pleasant experience to enjoy a picnic near the lake at the château. There are small grocery stores in town where you can pick some nice stuff for the picnic.

    • Shopping in Versailles

    Versailles offers a great shopping experience for the tourists. There are many souvenir shops as well as gift shops outside The Palace. Browse those endless number of shops located in the city centre and the Rue Chantiers, Boulevard de La Reine, the Rue Mar Joffre and Rue Mar Foch.

    • The Hall of Mirrors

    The Peace Treaty between the Allies and the defeated Germany was signed in 1919 within the Hall of Mirrors. This brought the First World War to an end officially.

    Look at different exhibitions in Versailles that showcase the rich creativity of the 18th century and boast of masterpieces from the past. Once you’ve explored the major attractions, find a convenient place to eat. Versailles boast of a large number of good and affordable eating joints.