• Fantastic Tourist Attractions and Unique Sights for Germany Tourists

    When it comes to the top attractions and sights across the world, one cannot resist thinking about Germany. The country boasts of some of the most fantastic tourist attractions and unique sights teeming with fascinating natural beauty. Compare Germany travel quotes and get ready for a great holiday this year with your loved ones. Germany remains the seventh most visited country in the world and majority of the Germans prefer to spend their holidays in their own country. Moreover, Germany is considered the safest travel destination across the world.

    Why Germany rates high among the tourists and travelers is because of the cleanliness, great culture, outdoors/countryside, great hospitality as well as good shopping opportunities. The nightlife in Germany is one of the most exciting and raked about. More than 30 million international tourists arrived in Germany enjoying the leading tour packages Germany.

    • Great cities to explore
      Visit the most popular cities such as Berlin, Munich, Hamburg and a lot more on your cheapest family tour Germany. Berlin is the third most-visited city in the European and one of fascinating capitals of Europe Union. Hamburg boasts of a multitude of cultural institutions and museums. There are sightseeing buses that connect the points of interest at these cities. Germany certainly enjoys a much higher profile as a travel destination. Munich is the beer capital of Germany and Oktoberfest is another city well known for its beer all over the world.There are many other major cities that are proud of their histories and are capitals of kingdoms in their own right.
    • Great sights to explore
      There are endless options and sights to explore during Germany vacation as there is plenty to do and see here.
    • Europa-Park – Situated in south-west Germany, the Europa-Park is the
      biggest theme park in the German-speaking countries and lies between Freiburg and Offenburg. It is one of the few parks that is open in winter.
    • Neuschwanstein Castle – Neuschwanstein is well famous across the world as a symbol of romantic architecture and is surrounded by a world of myths, legend and fairytales. Look for Germany best package to enjoy those attractions.
    • Cologne Cathedral– Cologne Cathedral site has many churches form the 4th century that are part of Unesco World Heritage. The city on the Rhine is one of the leading cathedrals in the Christian world and is a masterpiece of Gothic architecture.
    • Rothenburg ob der Tauber – This is a small town but carries a great reputation. Here, you will come across a wealth of buildings that date from the Middle Ages. There are secluded squares, beautiful old houses, where you will come across towers, taverns and town gates that are tucked-away in the corners of the old quarter.
    • Loreley rock– Shrouded in legend and celebrated in song, Loreley rock is a 194 metre high tower that is a part of UNESCO World Heritage. It lies on the narrowest point of the Rhine near St. Goarshausen.

    Some of the other popular tourist attractions an include Lake Constance, which is one of the largest lakes in Europe and borders Austria and Switzerland. Explore the Island of Mainau well known for its splendid parks and gardens and discover an oasis of natural beauty and harmony.