• Traditions and Fiestas in Spain with Popular Events and Celebrations

    Spain is world famous for its traditions, festivals and fiestas. Whether it is the bull-running in Pamplona or the religious parades for Easter celebrations, you simply have to be in Spain to be a part of all that music, light, fire, color and emotion. The festive and folkloric heritage in Spain is practically limitless. Look for different tour packages Spain to enjoy those amazing traditions and celebrations that are to be found only in Spain. There is not a single month that goes without some kind of celebration. Flamenco and bullfights certainly make for the most well-known Spain’s folkloristic traditions. But, there is a lot more to enjoy and explore during Spain vacation.

    • Flamenco

    This is the musical tradition in the southern side of the country, particularly in Andalusia. Get to see the first rate dancing and guitar playing and during April, there is an entire week of singing and dancing. Enjoy delicious tasty snacks along with all that singing and dancing. Other world-famous processions in this region include Semana Santa and Easter week.

    • Las Fallas de San José

    Another exceptional event is “Las Fallas de San José” in Valencia. The whole city joins together in an enormous party with excellent fireworks. The international festival takes place in March and celebrations are a fascinating spectacle of light, music and fireworks.

    • August La Tomatina

    Do not miss the world’s largest tomato fight in the little town Buñol that is hosted every year. Why the tradition began is unclear and even after so many years, the event attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world. Compare Spain travel quotes to make the most of the vacation.

    • Moros Y Cristianos

    Stroll in the plazas and streets decked out like the Middle Ages and with all that fireworks and muskets roar. There are suits of armour and costumes in the wild, colorful affair that is celebrated on different days according to the region. The fiesta celebrates the historic battles between the Christians and the Arabs. The fiesta starts early morning, and there are mock verbal attacks and battles among armies wearing outlandish costumes.

    • “Running of Bulls”

    Bullfights are part and parcel of any Fiesta, and one should not miss the event if making a trip to Spain. Madrid has “San Isidro”, in May, and if you like bullfights, you should not miss it. The Corrida begins with everybody related to the bullfight entering the ring and presenting themselves to the public. Behind the door, there are the bulls, raging to go ahead. The spectacle starts as soon as the door opens, and the first bull enters the ring.

    • El Rocio

    This is one of the most popular event of religious origin is El Rocio, which is not too solemn and serious. Thousands of pilgrims travel here every year to have a ball. And enjoy the festivities. Look for the best package Spain to enjoy these festivals and fairs.

    There is no limit to Spain’s festive and folkloric heritage and with all that fire, light, emotions and music, one can never run short of options. Look for the cheapest family tour Spain to enjoy your vacation and the festivities of Spain.