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    Deserts are known to cover 20% of the Earths land surface and are often thought as unforgiving environments in soaring temperatures. Well, don’t make your mind till you have experience the desert safaris in Egypt. Look for some exciting tour packages Egypt that can take you on one of those safaris and take part in some interesting activities and a perfect atmosphere. However, Desert Safaris will need special preparations, and you should be accompanied by a guide which carries a great deal of training and experience. After, desert conditions need special preparations and to remain well prepared for any situation. Look for the cheapest family tour Egypt and get the chance to experience the true desert.

    • Exclusive adventure trips across Egypt

    Enjoy great adventures right from those mysterious deserts to the Red Sea. This is the time to experience unique and unforgettable environment of Egypt and its deserts. Explore the beauty of this land and an incredible adventure across the Western Desert, Sinai, Eastern Desert the Red Sea. During the Safari, you will come across eternal legends with unsolved mysteries buried under those accumulated sands. Compare Egypt travels quotes when looking for safari trips in during Egypt vacation and enjoy absolute adventure in the deserts with Bedouin guides.

    Make a trip to Bahariya Oasis that has Bedouin tribes from Libya and other people from the Nile Valley, who have settled here. Siwa Oasis is one of the most mysterious and fascinating as it is a sharp contrast of the surrounding desert with those lush greenery of the oasis setting. Meet the Siwan people who have their own culture and customs and buy traditional local handicrafts.

    • Desert safari activities

    When in Egypt on a safari, you will never run short of ideas and activities. These trips offer great experiences and offer you a chance to see their interaction with the environment. You can sing and dance around a campfire at night or and drink traditional Bedouin tea under the clearest night skies. Enjoy a traditional dinner of slow cooked lamb. Go for sand boarding and dune bashing which are fun activities on huge sand dunes. It’s quite exciting as you ride along or go down the crest of the dune. Arrange a trip to see one of those five oasis in the Egypt’s Western Desert. You can go for quad bike riding or four-wheel driving in the sand dunes. Do not miss the chance to

    ride a camel with the Bedouin people and explore those amazing landscapes in the Great Sand Sea and the White Desert.

    Desert safaris are great adventures, offering you a great choice of activities. You can ask for custom-tailored itineraries toy suit your moods and needs. Go for those safaris with leaders and organizers who are fully trained and carry years of experience in Egypt’s deserts. This is the right place for adventures across Egypt. Explore the amazing reality of the Egyptian desert and look for Egypt best package for those amazing safaris with a Nile cruise between Luxor and Aswan or make a visit to Cairo.