• Fraser Island with Long Sandy Beaches, Freshwater Lakes and Crystalline Creeks

    Fraser Island is looked upon as the biggest sand island in the world. The heritage-listed island is situated along the south coastline of Queensland and is a locality within the Fraser Coast Region. Queensland’s largest island is the sixth largest in Australia. Sculpted from winds, the striking blue freshwater lakes, giant dunes, and crystalline creeks make the island a special place. Explore the enigmatic island paradise during Fraser Island vacation and have a memorable holiday. The lush green rainforests of this island are the only kinds that grow on sand. Compare Fraser Island travel quotes to have a great vacation here amidst nature and wild.

    • The freshwater lakes

    The Fraser Island boasts of more than 100 freshwater lakes and carries the second highest concentration of lakes in Australia. The lakes here are some of the cleanest lakes in the world. Lake McKenzie, placed near the small town of Eurong is one of the popular tourist areas. Its sandy beach is made of pure silica. Lake Boomanjin is another lake perched on the island and is the largest lake in the world. It is fed by two creeks passing through a wallum swamp. Lake Wabby, another popular lake is the deepest lake on the island. Some of the lakes on Fraser Island are known as window lakes. Motor boats and jet skis are banned from these lakes on Fraser Island. Look for the cheapest family tour Fraser Island to enjoy a great vacation.

    • The rich flora and fauna

    The island is filled with rainforests, and there is a vast population of eucalyptus, wallum, mangrove forests and peat swamps along with sand dunes. The abundant plant life gets its nutrition from the mycorrhizal fungi present in the sand. Fraser Island is also home to a small number of mammals but boasts of a diverse range of amphibians, birds, reptiles, and even saltwater crocodile. The island remains protected under the Great Sandy National Park. The island is home to a vast range of bird life and wildlife. You can see the famous dingo, as well as dugong, dolphins, sharks in the offshore waters.

    • Cooloola and Fraser Coast Important Bird Area

    There are more than 350 various species of birds in the Bird Area that are made of the peregrine falcon, sea eagles, osprey, and kites. Other bird species that you will come across include kookaburra, owls, doves, honeyeaters, gulls, kingfishers, pelicans, terns, brolgas, and cockatoos. About 20 species of migratory wader birds from as far as Siberia visit the island. Eastern Ground Parrot is a rare bird seen on the island, and it is already extinct in some parts of Australia.

    Today Fraser Island is a popular tourist destination and visited by hundreds and thousands of tourist from all across the world. Earlier, it was referred to as Great Sandy Island but is now known as Fraser because of Eliza Fraser , a wreckage survivor. Look for Fraser Island best package to explore its attractions. The island can be reached by a ferry from River Heads, and there are tour buses travel as well on the island. One can enjoy activities like Angling, Camping, Trekking, etc.