• New Orleans for Southern Hospitality and Jazz Rich Atmosphere

    If you are a visitor in New Orleans, you will notice that the locals go out of their way to be friendly and educate you on how to make the most of your cheapest family tour New Orleans. This is just a good example of Southern hospitality and seems to be the motto of the town. So, abandon yourself to join the crowds on Bourbon Street, take a tour of the elegant Garden District or dine at the Commander’s Palace. The experience of the blossoming culture and the roots of jazz are unlike anything else in the United States. Compare New Orleans travel quotes to land the best holiday. This is one of the oldest cities in the nation and caries a touch of French sophistication.

    There is no denying that New Orleans remains one of the world’s most fascinating cities and is influenced by the Caribbean, Africa, Europe and beyond. This is truly a unique setting for different cultures, food and music. You are sure to experience that during New Orleans vacation.

    Bourbon Street
    Bourbon Street runs the length of the historic French Quarter in New Orleans. Lined with souvenir shops and plenty of bars and nightclubs, parents should be a bit wary if traveling with children, as there are no discreet advertising by a number of strip clubs. There might be some sketchy characters hanging around and too much cigarette. But the atmosphere is lively, and there is great music being played in its bars. You can walk out of the bar with your drink and enjoy it while walking down the street.

    Swamp Tours
    Include these tours in the best package New Orleans for a truly unique tour experience. Take a guided tour and enjoy canoeing trips through the swamps of Louisiana. The guides are very friendly and knowledgeable. This is a great way to spend quality time with the whole family. Compare New Orleans tour packages to get the best experience of your trip.

    Jackson Square
    The Square itself is surrounded by all sorts of activities. There are carriages lined up on Decatur Street waiting for passengers. The street performers are busy entertaining across the street and Chartres Street on the other side of the square is a pedestrian area. There is a brass band playing, and artists are busy selling their wares. Fortune tellers are seated at tables telling people their fortunes. The numerous benches across the Square are filled with tired tourists, few sleeping drunks, people listening to the music and the locals.

    Historic Voodoo Museum
    The Voodoo Museum showcases voodoo related artifacts, and many of these belong to the legendary Marie Laveau. Here, you get a taste of the spiritual culture of New Orleans and will find interesting to see what the museum has to offer. This is a big part of New Orleans culture and history.

    New Orleans remains one of the culturally and historically rich destinations of America. There are tantalizing festivals and historic neighborhoods as well as great places where to eat and stay.