• Altstadt Famous For Its Cocktail Bars, Electro-Clubs and Sophisticated Ambiences

    Altstadt is made of the historical city and the famous wondrous city has a lot more to offer than any other district in Düsseldorf. It is here only where your next beer will come without being ordered. Explore the longest bar in the world here made of more than 260 pubs in a line. Compare Altstadt travel quotes and plan a great holiday here. You are sure to find a venue to suit your personal taste. Enjoy the city’s hustle and bustle along with its tranquility. Your spirit will come alive during Altstadt vacation. There is lot to do and see here and there are plenty of famous Theatres, Concert Halls, and other important performance venues for the arts and culture.

    Most beautiful churches
    Explore the leading tour packages Altstadt and uncover the wealth of tourist spots the city has to offer. The place is filled with some of the most beautiful churches. For example, Sankt Lambertus Basilika that was built in the 13th century is famous for its twisting spire and makes the skyline unique. The basilica remains part of the Old Town’s original core are interesting to explore, and the church carries relics of Saint Apollinaris. The Bergerkirche church dates back to the 17th century. Other famous churches that are worth a visit are Kreuzherren Kirche and the Johanneskirche.

    Lions in Altstadt
    Tourists enjoy getting photographed with the figures of lions that were installed during the summer of 2005. They fill all the city Centre and make a majestic figure.

    South of “Alter Peter”
    Visit the triangular space that is bounded by curved streets and is the modern space in Altstadt. Rindermarkt is the adjacent street, and there are tall trees as well as a pool.

    The Old Town
    There is a very big part of the city, and you will not find any cars here as the area is meant only for the pedestrians. One can find a lot of good museums in the area called The Residenz. It is always a pleasure to walk through the old town. Look for Altstadt best package to make the most of the holiday.

    Altstadt in winter
    The beautiful city is crowded with shoppers during the sinters and snow is not much of a hindrance. It enjoys hot beverages like coffee and tea at the sidewalk cafes and coffee houses. You will love the hot mulled wine or”gluwein” and if the sun is out, the beer gardens will clear a small number of tables for customers.

    Explore the magic of labyrinthine alleyways, gates and towers during the cheapest family tour Altstadt. The ruins rising around the packed mansions are steeped in history. The picturesque border town of Laufenburg is well famous as the Pearl on the Upper Rhineand lies between Germany and Switzerland. There is no other city that has so much variety packed such a small area. One can see futuristic architecture right next to those medieval houses set among the maze of ancient alleyways and squares. This is an unusual place to be in and experience history, nature, and culture all at once.