• Visit Bornholm the Baltic Beauty for Sunny Skies Soothing Forests against Bleach-White

    The Bornholm island lies towards the south of Sweden in the Baltic Sea. There are many attractions for the tourists here during Bornholm vacation. There are picturesque fishing villages, rocky seascapes as well as sandy white beaches. Look for the cheapest family tour Bornholm to explore quaint towns such as Sandvig, Svaneke, Gudhjem and Rønne that are a must to visit.. Take ferry services to Bornholm to explore the sunniest part of Denmark. Located about 200km east of Copenhagen, Mother Nature has been especially kind to this part of sunny skies that lure millions of tourist and visitors every year.

    There is a lot to do and see here in Bornholm; whither it is those thatched fishing villages or the medieval fortress ruins. The ceramic and glassware artisans from the Island are famed throughout Denmark. Look for the right tour packages Bornholm to make the most of the vacation.

    Hammershus Castle
    Hammershus, Europe’s largest castle is one of the island’s most famous monument as well as one of the most attractive resorts on the island. It is placed strategically placed on a rocky plateau and to the southwest of the Hammeren lighthouse. The fortress was fought over violently on several occasions. Get magnificent views from the adjacent cliffs and take boat trips take visitors to nearby sites. The woodland around is looked upon to be one of the most dramatic in Denmark.

    Bornholm’s Museum of Art
    Compare Bornholm travel quotes to see the major attractions here and Bornholm’s Museum of Art, is considered to be one of the finest in Denmark. The museum opened in 1993 and enjoyed an enviable spot, from where you get to see panoramic ocean views across to Christianson. Inside the museum, there are magnificent collections of artworks by artists such as Olaf Rude, Kræsten Iversen, Edvard Well, Karl Isakson, and Oluf Høst. You get to see some of the finest examples of Danish painting and the decorative arts, sculptures, and earlier works. This is one of the largest collection of arts and crafts in Denmark outside Copenhagen.

    Pea Islands
    Go towards the northeast of Bornholm and you will come across a group of islands known as the Pea Islands or Ertholmene. One can easily reach them by boat from Gudhjem, Allinge and Svaneke. Frederiksø , the neighboring island was once notorious as a place of exile. Lille Tarn, a museum today is the most interesting building and has a 17th century model of the castle complete with cannons, old furniture, rifles, and utensils.

    Hills of Paradise
    The stunning coastline of Bornholm is equally delightful and you will find the privately owned Hills of Paradise near the busy port of Nexo. This is a great place to be at for the hikers and mountain, as there are narrow valleys, soaring landscapes and lush forests all around.

    Bornholm Museum
    The fascinating museum boasts of a collection that covers the natural history of Rønne and Bornholm and displays limestone, coal, granite and kaolin specimens. Local Bornholm painters showcase their work in the museum and there are many examples of decorative arts, including Viking pieces as well as wartime memorials, old clocks and interesting artifacts.

    Look for Bornholm best package to include the above tourist attractions.