• Chūbu Region Made of Exciting Winter Sports, Great Culture and Delicious Cuisine

    The Chūbu region is the main region of Honshū and is located directly in the Kansai and Kantō region. It is made of coastlines of Pacific and Sea of Japan and boasts of several mountain resorts and Mount Fuji. The Japanese Alps divide the country into the sunny Pacific side in winter, and snowy winter of the Sea of Japan side. Plan an exciting Chūbu vacation this season and discover the endless range of attractions in the area. There is plenty to see and do in the Chūbu region.

    Enjoy the view of Mount Fuji as well as visit many famous temples in Nagano such as Zenkōji. Nagoya Castle is another popular touristic attraction. The heaviest snowfall in the Koshin’etsu district makes it ideal spot for the Winter sports and thus it remains the undisputed winter sports capital. Japan Alps have always been known for some great hiking trail. Mount Fuji is excellent for viewing and climbing. Compare different Chūbu travel quotes to land the best vacation. Chubu’s regions are also known for their local specialties such as Tempura shrimp in Nagoya and Hotaru ika in Toyama.

    Inuyama means dog mountain and is quite close to Nagoya. It is well known for its beautiful castle that also happens to be one of the oldest wooden castles that has to have survived the turmoil’s of wars. Get great views of the Kiso River that offers great spots for cormorant fishing. Meiji Mura is the historical theme park that is open air.

    Nagoya is the fourth most populated city in Japan and developed as the castle town of the Owari. Most of its historic buildings have been destroyed in the air raids, and one will come across the Toyota Motor Corporation that lies just outside of Nagoya.

    Shizuoka is located in Tokyo and Nagoya and is famous for its tea leaves and scenic views of Mount Fuji. Visit the famous shrines dedicated to Ieyasu nearby Mount Kunozan. Explore tour packages Chūbu to visit the major attractions here.

    Fujinomiya lies on the southwestern slopes of Mount Fuji, and the Fujinomiya Sengen Shrine is the most important shrine in the region. Many start the climb from Fujinomiya, which is also home to the Shiraito Falls, the famous beautiful waterfalls of Japan. Look for the cheapest family tour Chūbu to explore the major attractions in the region.

    Nozawa Onsen
    Nozawa Onsen is a famous ski town, and hot spring baths. The town becomes very alive in winter and makes for an excellent ski resort. The resort has hosted the biathlon events during the Nagano Winter Olympics1998. It is one of the best places that offers good skiing.

    Takato Castle Ruins Park
    Takatōjōshi Kōen is located on a hill in Ina City of Nagano, with1500 cherry trees and offers great cherry blossom views. The annual cherry blossom festival attracts millions of visitors every year. Illuminations are held every night, and visitors avoid weekends to avoid the rush. Explore Chūbu best package to visit those attractions.